The Weekly Pursuit #41

Happy May 1st! Where did the month of April go? I feel like my birthday month comes and goes at the blink of an eye every year. Of course, with my birthday being at the end of the month, I suppose that’s how it goes. 🙂

April was a pretty good month for me. A lot of changes are coming though for me. At least one big one in the next 203 weeks for sure. I’m currently searching for a new place to live. Honestly, I don’t like moving or the whole search for a room/new place to live process. It’s stressful and not a lot of fun. So, I’m praying a lot that God will lead me to the right place and that things will transition smoothly.

The Girl's Got Sole - Birthday run

Birthday morning run with my Galloway girls.

Running-wise, April was fairly light. I believe I cross-trained on the bike more miles than I ran. But, that’s okay, because I’m about to enter head-on into training for marathon #6. I think it made me feel stronger in a way to get in more mileage on the bike. For me, cycling has always been my second favorite after running.

This past weekend, I had the Run for the Trees 5k in Winter Park. It’s an annual tradition for me, as it tends to be around my birthday each year. This year, I was able to run the 5k thanks to Track Shack, and that meant a lot. After running Star Wars Half that previous Sunday, it was nice to run a shorter, faster race that I love.

The Girl's Got Sole - Toby bird

Toby bird 🙂

Later that day, I took Toby bird over to my parents house to meet Rocket and Blue birds. The three spent a few minutes in a staring match, but it didn’t take long before my sweet Toby got more comfortable and began to sing softly. He and Rocketbird seemed to like one another best, as Blue was hard to read. Hard to say if he really likes a lot of other birds, he sort of didn’t seem to care either way. Ha!

On Sunday, I got my workout done at the gym first thing before heading out with a friend and my mom to a local exotic bird show. The show wasn’t as big as we hoped it would be, but I was able to get Toby a couple of fun toys, including a tabletop perch for our training sessions. After that, we stopped at Whole Foods on the way home for a few things. I miss not living close to a Whole Foods, so I definitely look forward to being back in Orlando or Winter Park soon.

As far as my Fit Journey goes, last week was a struggle. With my birthday on Tuesday, and then having cake and ice cream around (of course all vegan), I didn’t do so well nutrition-wise. So, I made sure I got back on track as of Saturday (after finishing up all the ice cream Friday night of course LOL). But hey, I’m not proud of my eating last week, but I’m also not going to beat myself up over it. We all have our moments, especially when it comes to special occasions or holidays.

The Girl's Got Sole - The Weekly Pursuit

Looking back at last week’s goals…

1. Food logging everyday. First week in awhile where I went off track on this one.
2. Hydration especially with the heat now. Did good on my water intake.
3. Listen to my body, rest if/when needed. I got in some good rest with my birthday day off and all.
4. Continue to work with Toby bird on hand training. Didn’t get enough time in with Toby last week.

This week’s goals…

1. Food logging every day.
2. Hydration, at least 64oz a day.
3. Work with Toby bird on hand training.
4. Get caught up with my favorite blogs, bit behind on this.
5. Start NYC Marathon training schedule!

The Girl's Got Sole - Don't be afraid, just believe

What are your goals for the week?


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