The Weekly Pursuit #38

Hey, hey it’s Monday yet again! It’s also Passover week, with Easter this coming Sunday. I’m considering going to the Easter Sunrise Service here in Orlando. It’s a annual tradition for a number of families and I’ve wanted to check it out, just never done it. Sure, it’s early, but I get up early for runs, and God is much more important than a run!

The Girl's Got Sole - Galloway Victory Breakfast

Orlando Galloway Pace Group Leaders at our Victory Breakfast.

This past weekend, we had our Galloway training group annual victory breakfast. Always a fun time, an event I look forward to ending each season with. This time around, we had the breakfast about a month later than usual, but it worked out pretty well. Everyone brings in food (and there ends up being tons), and we all have a great couple of hours hanging out together not running, but talking about running. We also do awards and have a great slideshow featuring a lot of photos from the season. It was a good morning with fellow running friends.

Since I didn’t run on Saturday morning, I met up with some fellow Orlando Galloway folks on Sunday morning for a run in Winter Park. Ended up doing about four miles with them, and finishing with 6.2 miles with my friend, Susie. It was a nice morning for a run, the weather was cooler than it usually is this time of year in Florida. I know we will be wishing for those 60 degree temps in the coming weeks!

The Girl's Got Sole - Susie & Shannon

Susie and I atop the parking garage at the end of our run.

Last week ended up being a more restful one for me than usual. Due to feeling worn down and my stomach not being so happy, I took three rest days, and didn’t even get a run in at all (until Sunday’s run). Definitely an odd week workout-wise for me, and while I tend to dislike resting a lot, I suppose sometimes it’s good to take some extra down time and allow your body not to workout. With NYC Marathon training starting to ramp up soon, I’m happier to do that now rather than later. 🙂

The Girl's Got Sole - The Weekly Pursuit

Looking back at last week’s goals…

1. Daily food intake logging. Got this accomplished!
2. Hydration, drink 60oz a day at least. Did well hydrating, just not always 60oz daily.
3. Write WPRR race recap and BibRave review. Got my WPRR race recap up, working on BibRave review.
4. Rest when needed, listen to my body. Definitely nailed this goal last week! 🙂
5. Start reading new devotional each day. Negative, didn’t start this yet.

This week’s goals…

1. Daily food logging.
2. Hydration!
3. Get WPRR BibRave review written.
4. Read new devotional each day.
5. Finger/hand training with Toby bird.
6. Get my eyes examined/new glasses.

The Girl's Got Sole - Search for the Lord

How was your weekend? Any goals for the week?

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