The Weekly Pursuit #22

Hey, hey it’s Halloween! Now, I’m not really a big fan, but I also don’t dislike the holiday. For me, I remember what today is other than the spooky day. My grandfather on my father’s side who sadly passed away back in 1995, was born on 10/31. He would have been 100 years old today. While I may not think about him every day, I do remember the times that we had when I was growing up quite regularly. He was a part of my childhood growing up in Florida since we would visit my grandparents all the time. I do miss him.

The Girl's Got Sole - Trick or Treat

This past weekend contained my first race of the Fall season. The last half I did was back in March. So, I was looking forward to it. With the race being on Sunday, that meant Saturday was a rest day (I always rest the day before a long run/race). So, it was nice to sleep in until just before 9am on Saturday morning. Definitely not typical for this runner girl! Then, one of my runner friends, Susie came over and we headed out to pick up race packets for the race.

The race was taking place in Port Orange, which is about an hour and fifteen minute drive from my house. Even though I had run this race back in 2012, I knew I wanted to make sure we knew where to be and what have you the next morning. The packet pickup was quick and easy (and we were picking up four other packets besides ours), and the race volunteers and staff were good at letting us know about parking. I recalled parking near the finish a few years back, but you never know if they change things. Once you park across the street from the finish, you have to walk across the causeway bridge to the starting area. That’s a bit of a walk, a nice mile of a warm up.

Leaving the packet pickup, Susie and I felt pretty good about knowing the plan for the morning. It was going to be an early one! Thankfully, we are sort of used to crazy early wake-up times running here in Florida. To make it to the race parking and in order to have time to walk over the bridge, we would have to leave no later than 4:30am race morning. There’s nothing like a 3:30am alarm! LOL!

The Girl's Got Sole - Lighthouse Loop Half group

With three of my fellow Orlando Galloway girls post-race.

I’ll be writing up a race recap in the next day or two, but race morning went well. We all met and got on the road on time. We even had time to stop at a WaWa convenience store five minutes from the race parking to use the restroom. There were a few other runners stopping there as well, guess it was a great pre-race potty stop!

Parking was fairly quick and painless, and then we had the fun walk across the causeway. It didn’t seem too bad, but later I would remember the difference running 12 miles before hitting it again on the race route. Warm up mile was definitely easier. Ha!

In a nutshell, the race ended up being tougher than I thought it would be. It did get quite humid and hot about halfway in, so that definitely contributed to the toughness I think. By the time we got to that final mile and saw the causeway bridge, I was so ready for the race to be over. ūüôā

Bottom line is, it was a good race weekend, but I’m feeling it today! I also think not training for a marathon this year has me feeling a bit different. There seems to be something to running more miles during training when I’ve got a full marathon. It makes half marathons feel a bit easier…hmmm not sure EASIER is the right word, but less like I’m pushing through I guess. If that makes sense.

The Girl's Got Sole - The Weekly Pursuit

Looking back at last week’s goals…

1. Logging food daily. Got this one done. May be logging at the last minute at times, but getting it logged!

2. Hydration!!! Did well on this one, especially the 2-3 days before my race. I felt like I was peeing all-the-time!

3. Read Daily Devotional. Blah, I’m behind on this one, need to get my devotional back on!

4. Blog Hop. Yup, got it done! Going to kind of miss it now this week.

5. Clean Bedroom. Nope, still a work-in-progress. LOL!

This week’s goals…

1. Logging food daily.
2. Hydration. Let’s keep this going!
3. Daily Devotional reading.
4. Listening to my body.

The Girl's Got Sole - Build each other up

What are your goals for this week?

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