The Weekly Pursuit #20

It’s that time again, time for another Weekly Pursuit post! I’m participating in a blog hop the next couple of weeks, so welcome to all you new readers! On Mondays, I post a blog about how last week went, and my goals for the coming week. Sort of a recap post sort of deal.

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A bit about me, I’m a marathoner out of Orlando. I ran my fifth marathon last year at the TCS NYC Marathon. It was my dream race, and I really want to run it again. I actually never thought it was possible that I would love running, that is before I lost 80lbs and changed my life. It’s not always easy to stay active and healthy, but it’s so worth it. I wrote an ABCs about me post for last year’s blog hop, so if you’d like to learn more about me, that’s a great post to check out.

This past week was pretty good. I’m still dealing with the sinus crud, but I finally got on an antibiotic on Friday for it. Hoping it kicks the rest of the stuff to the curb, not wanting to deal with sinus problems for the rest of the month, especially since I’ve got a half marathon on the 30th.

Girl's Got Sole - swallowed a bug

On Saturday, I had my long run. It was the longest so far of the season. I had 14 miles for the Lighthouse Loop Half. After many miles with the girls, swallowing a bug (a first, and it was not a good experience let me tell you), spotting a creepy Halloween statue from the Exorcist, being yelled at by a Park Ranger to get on the sidewalk…it was a quite the 14 mile training run. Never boring with my group. πŸ™‚

After enjoying breakfast with my friend who just ran the Chicago Marathon, so I could hear all about the race, I headed to my parents. My mom has been pretty sick with a horrid cold and laryngitis and was finally feeling better. She is still a bit congested, but she is sounding 90% like herself again. It was nice relaxing and having some family time with my parents and the creatures (birdies and guinea pigs).

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Sunday morning, I woke up sore. Now, I expected some minor soreness in my legs from the long run, but this was pain in my butt, literally. Piriformis Syndrome, it’s a common issue for runners. My hip abductor muscles are likely tight causing this not-so-fun pain. I am taking it seriously because it’s so close to the sciatic nerve and with my back injury history, it’s best to play it smart. So, Sunday became an unplanned rest day while I let things relax. Hoping I can get back at my regular workouts as of today. But, I’m going to see how I feel. While I hate taking rest days, it’s much more important for me to prevent it from getting worse.

The Girl's Got Sole - The Weekly Pursuit

Looking back at last week’s goals…

1. Logging my food daily & staying on calorie target. I logged my food each day, and stayed on track. πŸ™‚

2. Water intake, hydration. I did okay on this, but didn’t hit my intake goal every day.

3. Read devotional each day. Got my reading done, which is awesome.

4. Workout 5 days (3 running, 2 cross-training). My workouts were right on point last week.

5. Listening to my body. I’m going good on this since I did take a couple of post-work naps last week and am listening to my body after Saturday’s run.

This week’s goals…

1. Logging my food daily.
2. Read daily devotional.
3. Hydration, drink 64oz a day.
4. Listen to my body.
5. Blog hop!

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What are you goals for the week?


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  1. Swallowing a bug and Piriformis, two things I don’t want!

    Good on you for listening to your body and taking a rest. Sometimes as runners we forget that resting is part of keeping fit for running, it’s so important and can mean you keep injuries at bay.

  2. Yikes… a bug must be the last thing you wanted! I love your weekly goals. They resonate with mine in similar fashions. Water – always hard for me to keep track on it. For some odd reason, I don’t enjoy drinking water much. But, I am trying to get better. I think the smartest thing you are doing is listening to your body. Some days the body just needs rest. Take care! I really like your final motivational piece. I am a new runner too and need that pep talk always πŸ™‚

  3. 14 miles?! That is amazing! Water is always hard for me too– I love that you set weekly goals and then review them! I am sure that keeps you accountable!

  4. That does sound like a crazy long run! I’m sorry both you and your mom have been sick. Hope you’re both better soon πŸ™‚

  5. I hope you are feeling better soon! I’ve had some sinus stuff/cough going on for over two weeks. Antibiotics didn’t help much but I finally feel like I’m on the mend.

    Piriformis issues SUCK! I found that dry needling was the only thing that helped long-term. It’s painful but worth it if it tends to stick around. Rest up!

  6. So smart to take a rest day, and I love that you have listen to your body as part of your goals. As a light runner with an irksome knee, I know how frustrating it can be when you’re slowed down because of an injury. Listening to your body is the first step in prevention.

  7. I like that you make weekly goals!
    So sorry about the sinus gunk! I’ve had a bad sinus infection for a month now, and as I type waiting for a call from the Dr about what to try next:) Hope yours clears up soon!
    Glad your in the hop with us again!
    Truthfully, my own weekly goal is to just stay on top of the hop, LOL I know funny. I’m just hoping my homework this week is on the lighter side:)

  8. Congratulations on losing 80 pounds. That’s amazing and impressive! I love the idea of posting your goals for the week (or even month) and catching up again for accountability. I keep saying I’m going to do that, but then I end up not doing it! Maybe in November! πŸ˜‰

    As for me, my goals are more into days because this is an abnormal week for me! Today, I want to get my blogs queued through the 24th bare minimum, because I am going out of town! I’d also like to do some serious cleaning in my apartment and packing for my trip, which is tomorrow! The rest of the week, I want to spend great time with family and friends, while fulfilling my blog hop commitments! πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for sharing your goals! =D <3

  9. Piriformis pain, I hear you! It’s a total pain in the buttocks. Surprisingly, mine’s been pretty quiet recently, a huge surprise given the crazy marathon-training miles I’ve been logging. I have been a lot more disciplined with warm-up, post-running stretching, and daily PT exercises. I hope your simmers down, too! (I’m also doing the HOP, but am part of the other group)

  10. Stopping by from the Blog Hop. I really enjoy your daily list – I need to slow down a bit and really focus on something like that, too.

  11. Sounds like a successful week! Have you tried rolling your glutes with a lacrosse ball? I know the piriformis is very deep and hard to hit but getting in to the sides of the glutes my help, just remember the edge of discomfort not pain!

  12. Number #4 Listen to my body is such as key one but often easy to overlook or push past. Thank you for the reminder to listen more carefully and respect my body! Hope you have a wonderful week πŸ™‚

  13. I literally laughed out loud at the bug. It made me think of the Lion King Movie when Simba was squimmish to eat the bugs. This is so encouraging and motivating. Every Sunday I write out my goals for the year. Then I make a plan daily to do action steps to achieve those goals. I usually do ten and I am 4 down and the year is almost gone so I need to focus. Therefore, focus is one of my goals. To be more productive and efficient at work. My fitness or active goal is sleep and water. I set myself a 10:30p curfew this week and 3 liters of water a day. And by the way 14 miles… go gurl!!

  14. LOL, figured you meant butt lol! Thanks! Yeah, rest sometimes is the best. I’ve heard of people swallowing a bug, but dang it’s so weird! Ha!

  15. Yes, rest days can be hard to take but definitely are a part of our training. Sometimes we push ourselves too much and don’t think about that. Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

  16. Hehe, the bug is funny now, but at the time, not so much. I remember coughing a lot. LOL!
    The weekly goals are important, I may not always do well at them, but we all need to set some goals I think each week.
    Thanks so much for the kind words!

  17. It’s funny how 14 miles is a lot for me this year, but once I am in marathon training, it seems so easy later on. Ha!
    My piriformis is doing better today, thanks!

  18. Yeah, drinking enough water sometimes is harder, not sure why that is. Some days, I can nail it no problem, other times, not so much.
    The goals truly are a good thing, thanks!

  19. Long runs that are entertaining are the best! πŸ™‚
    Yes, ’tis the time of year it seems for sinus/colds/ and such unfortunately. Hoping we can avoid any other ills.

  20. Yes, without my running group, the long runs would be a lot tougher that’s for sure!
    Rest can be so hard for us runners sometimes, so I try to make sure I try to listen…it’s true the rest days are nice though!

  21. Ugh, I feel you on the sinus stuff going on forever! I’ve been there too! Definitely stinks! Glad you are feeling better.
    Never heard of dry needling before, I’ll have to look it up. Hopefully, the extra rest helped mine kick the curb.

  22. Yes, I’ve learned I need to make that a goal for me, listening to my body. It’s weird to think that I think, but sometimes we need to list it out. I’ve been blessed that I haven’t had many running woes to sideline me as long as I listen.

  23. Yeah, this sinus crud is something a number of people seem to go through. Stinks! I’ve had to go through 2-3 different treatments before, so hoping it won’t get so intensive this time around. Hope you feel better!
    I LOVE the hop! Thanks for hosting them, so much fun! πŸ™‚

  24. Thanks so much for the kind words! πŸ™‚
    You’ve got some great goals. Daily goals are good, you’ve got to do whatever works best! Where are you off to?

  25. Oh jeez, you deal with it regularly, that stinks!
    I should be doing more stretches and rolling after my runs/workouts, but I’ve slacked on that. Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚

  26. Hey Amber, no I haven’t tried a lacrosse ball, but I do have an Orb (massage ball). Maybe that would be a great tool for the issue.
    Thanks for the suggestion!

  27. Haha, I love that you thought of the Lion King. I didn’t think about that. LOL!
    Love that others write down their goals as well, it does help us remember them and hopefully stay more accountable. Thanks so much!

  28. Good job keeping up with your food log! I also need to work on my water intake this week as last week I was terrible. Glad to hear your mom is doing better and hope the antibiotics help you.

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