The Weekly Pursuit #16

I’ve got a mixed reaction of “so glad the weekend is over” and “where did my weekend go?” happening right now. Let’s just say it was more good than the other side of the coin, but jeez, things were a little testy for a period of time there. Makes me more thankful for good friends.

On Friday, I woke up with back pain. Not only was my night not so restful to begin with, that wasn’t exactly the way I like to wake up. I decided that while I really hated to call out of work, that sitting all day would not help matters. I had a group to lead the next morning for 12 miles and back issues would not be a good thing to be dealing with on a long run. So, I rested up all day. Mostly sleeping and laying around just trying to relax (with back patches and my heating pad). Meanwhile, I was praying that I would be better for the Saturday morning long run.

ten mile trio

With the girls after our 10 miles.

When I woke up for my run the next morning, my back seemed to have calmed down. I was extremely thankful and prayed that it would at least be okay through the end of the run. Then, I would take the remainder of the day and Sunday off as a rest day to ensure it had some time to rest. I am not good at taking rest days less than my usual two (usually Wednesdays & Fridays), so taking a Sunday off would be interesting. LOL!

Unfortunately, Saturday morning didn’t exactly go off as planned. There were some communication and other issues with meeting up with fellow runners, so sufficient to say, stress entered into things. These days, I’m rarely really upset or stressed, as I try to maintain a good balance, but things particularly got to me…sometimes life just doesn’t go as planned and all that jazz.

My back on the other hand, was doing well. So, I was thankful for that for sure. Later than planned, I headed out for what ended up being 10 miles with two of my group girls who are also friends. I was so appreciative of them being there through the insanity of the morning, and the run helped the stress melt away. Well, that along with the fact I was literally melting. The weather was muggy and just icky hot. It was a push at times to keep running when all I wanted to do was stop. The heat and humidity this training season has been so rough for us here in Central Florida.

Winter Park Peacocks

Mama peacock and her babies spotted in Winter Park during our run.

I was truly happy when we got back to the school (our meetup location) and the run was done. After getting some water and using the awesome iced towels our Program Director brought us, the three of us got some much deserved smoothies. It was the treat we used as our motivation in those last miles. Then, it was off for a relaxing dip in one of the girl’s pool. And boy was that so amazing!

The remainder of Saturday was spent heading over to see my parents and just relaxing with them and the birds and guinea pigs. We also rented God’s Not Dead 2 from Redbox and watched it. I think it was just as good as the first movie. Loved how some of the characters carried over. I highly recommend renting it if you have yet to see it!


Sunday was continued relaxing and sleeping in. The one day with no alarm clock having to be set! Church and just hanging around was such a nice way to spend the day. Then, before I knew it, the evening had arrived meaning that the weekend was almost over. Darn it, I would love just one more day! 🙂

The Weekly Pursuit

Anyway, looking back at last week’s goals…

1. Logging my food daily. Did great with this one like I have been doing.

2. Hydration. A lot better hydrating than I did the previous week.

3. Listening to God. He and I are doing pretty good I think. I’m ever-learning and trying to put Him first.

4. Reading ‘Mornings with the Holy Spirit.’ I admit, I am behind on this one, got to do better.

5. Cleaning my bedroom. Big fat no on this one. I did get some trash out, but so much to take care of still.

This week’s goals..

1. Logging my food.
2. Hydration.
3. Listening to God.
4. Reading ‘Mornings with the Holy Spirit’ daily.
5. Clean my bedroom.
6. Resting when I need to, listening to my body.

How was your weekend?
What are your goals for the week?


The Weekly Pursuit #16 — 14 Comments

  1. Glad to hear that you have a nice weekend and really enjoy your weekend. You know, when I read that you had back pain on Friday, I am so worry for you and hope that the pain will not last long, and luckily it did. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  2. Thanks, it seems to be better after resting up!
    Glad to hear that you have a nice weekend and really enjoy your weekend. Hope your back continues to feel better.

  3. This weekend seems to be bad for me, since it rains cats and dogs all the time during this rainy season. Hope the next week would be brighter so that people can go out and have a drink with their friends.

  4. Sorry about your back pain but I think you can pass over all obstacles and will be better soon! You look gorgeous even after 10 long miles. Btw, the peacock family pic is really cute! I love it

  5. Glad to hear you had a great week! This week I have to try hard for my goals in yoga class, and also try to make progress in pilates. Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Glad to hear that your health turned out to be good again. The back pain is always the nightmare and sticks to our physical statement. Please be always cautious and listen to your body. Wish you health. God bless you.

  7. Back pain problems never get old. But it’s nice to hear that at the end your back was recovered and you could countinue the run. You’re wonderful!

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