The Weekly Pursuit #15

It’s that time, the time for The Weekly Pursuit. As I write this post, I’ve been watching and thinking about 9/11/01 most of the day. Right now, it’s Sunday evening and 102 Minutes That Change America: 15 Years Later has been on the History Channel. I just can’t turn away. I can’t stop re-watching the events of that horrific day and feeling that sickening feeling deep in the pit of my stomach. I feel as though despite it being 15 years later, it’s so ingrained in my mind and heart.

NYC World Trade Center lights tribute

Of course, despite tragedy, life goes on. I’m thankful for my faith and the many blessings the Lord has given me. I decided to go to church Sunday evening rather than Saturday night, and it was such a good decision. I needed to hear my Pastor and be around my congregation today, it just meant so much. I was even asked to serve as a communion steward during the service. I walked into church early and was asked if I would like to serve. Being able to be a part of my church in that way was a blessing.

Going backwards a bit, last week was a pretty good week. I got in my three runs and two cross-training days at the gym. Even though it was a shorter work week with the Monday holiday, I was still tired by the time it was Friday. There’s never a substitute for the weekend and/or days off. And, I haven’t had anything but a three of four day in a row long weekend sort of thing since my November vacation up to New York. I’m definitely looking forward to going up to Atlanta in December!

Ended up doing a total of 9.6 miles on Saturday with two girls from my group. We ran 8 miles of it and walked for a mile and .60. Well, it could have been a bit more than 8 miles of the run/walk portion, but that’s about my best estimation. We were going to do 8 miles from the get-go, then when we hit about 3 miles and were going to head back, we decided to head a bit off the planned route in hopes of adding the mile or so that way. What happened was that I missed the turn, so our mileage was off. It was all good though, the three of us were in good spirits and enjoyed walking through some neat neighborhoods we generally don’t run through. It’s inspired me to try to create a new route hitting that area. I think running is an adventure to begin with, so hey enjoy the journey!

Saturday run trio

Saturday, after the run.

Despite taking care of a few errands, the rest of my Saturday consisted of a nap (I have to admit that I love naps these days LOL), and then watching Law & Order: SVU. I love watching ION on Saturdays when I have no plans for a good part of the day as they run a marathon of the show. It’s truly the best Law & Order series hands down, in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, the original Law & Order is great, but it has nothing on SVU. 🙂

And Sunday, well I sort of mentioned it at the get-go of this post. I woke up, turned on the TV to watch documentaries and such about September 11, 2001. I knew that my day would be consumed by memories of that day and the days following it. The entire terrorists attacks were horrible, but the attack on New York City always shook me more. As a New York born girl, it is always in my heart. I may have lived in Florida more of my life, but New York means so much to me. That’s why I loved running the NYC Marathon so much, and why I yearn to go back in 2017.

Watching the re-enactment of Flight 93, brought tears to my eyes. I was thankful that I was leaving for church soon after that. I truly needed time with God today.

the weekly pursuit

Looking back at last week’s goals…

1. Logging my food. I did great with this, logged every single day!

2. Relationship with God/Listening to Him. This is getting better and better each day. I believe that Sunday really stepped things up as well.

3. Hydration. I did good most of the week, so could have been better on some days.

4. Reading ‘Mornings with the Holy Spirit’ daily. Not as consistent as I need to be with this one.

5. Get meds refilled. Got it done right after work on Tuesday, so I was good to go!

6. Gym workouts 2x and run 3x this week. Check, check on this goal!

Moving on to this week’s goals…

1. Logging my food daily.
2. Hydration.
3. Listening to God.
4. Reading ‘Mornings with the Holy Spirit.’
5. Cleaning my bedroom.

Psalms 61:2

What are your goals for this week?

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