The Weekly Chase #45

Hey there! I haven’t done a Weekly Chase post in some time, so I figured let’s get it going! I’ve been back from New York since late Monday night, and it seems the time has almost flew by. I can hardly believe that I ran my dream race just over a week ago. So many thoughts of the days I spent in New York are still cycling through my brain. I’ve got at least one more blog post coming this week, the big race recap post. I’m still gathering thoughts on it, but it will be up soon.

After the DOMS sets in...

After the DOMS sets in…

I spent some time at my parents house once I got back from New York. I awoke on Tuesday morning a bit out of sorts, almost not knowing where I was. Ha. I quickly realized I was at my parents as well as feeling oh so very sore. Day two after a marathon can be the worst, it’s when the DOMS is really setting in. I’m sure the plane ride the night before was also not a help. But thankfully, I was still off from work, and so I was able to embrace the marathon shuffle “fun” that day. It was nice not to have to actually be anywhere or have anything I “had” to do.

On Wednesday, I had a doctor’s appointment to deal with the lingering sinus infection I had been dealing with since before New York. A week before the trip, the doctor prescribed me a steroid dose pack, but it unfortunately didn’t help much. I dealt with a sinus headache most of the time I was in NY. The doctor checked me out and put me on a stronger steroid, prednisone for 12 days. I’m now on day five and feeling like this is finally working. The headache seems to be gone thankfully.

Saturday's run, first since the NYC Marathon.

Saturday’s run, first since the NYC Marathon.

After resting with no workouts since the marathon, I decided to give a gym cardio workout a go on Thursday. My legs, especially the quads were still pretty upset with me, but I did 6.25 miles on the bike. The workout went pretty well, I didn’t feel too bad at the end of it. I opted to take Friday as another rest day, since I wanted to go out to run with my group on Saturday morning. While a part of me really wants to get back into my usual workout schedule, I know proper recovery is important. I’ve got the Space Coast Half Marathon on 11/29, and I’d love to do well time-wise.

Saturday morning, I met up with my Galloway group and ran 6 miles. Legs complained a bit (in fact, putting my running shoes on that morning felt funny), but I felt pretty good after I got going. It was great being out there with some of my group. Everyone is so awesome and were so supportive through my big dream race journey. I love how close the running community can be and is. Runners are definitely a different breed, and we are a crazy kind of fun too. 🙂

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I was able to finally get together with another runner friend late in the morning. We played catch-up as we shopped a bit and then enjoyed lunch at Chipotle. Seeing a sign reminding people that there are just 7 more Fridays until Christmas, we both joked at how fast the holiday season was creeping upon us. That began a bit of my Christmas shopping, picking up a couple of gifts for family and friends. That evening, I went to church. I love going on Saturday nights when I can. My church has a total of five services between Saturday night and Monday night, so there are many options to choose from.

Volunteering at Orlando Race 13.1.

Volunteering at Orlando Race 13.1.

Then on Sunday, I actually woke up early to volunteer at a new local half marathon. I like to help out and volunteer at races during the year when I can, as I believe as runners we should give back in that way. I think it makes you appreciate the time and work that volunteers put out to be there at races. A race just isn’t possible without them. I worked the race as a course monitor at just after the halfway mark of the route. It was a great experience and I loved seeing some of my fellow runner friends on the course. Once I was back home, a shower and nap was in order. I typically sleep in on Sunday mornings when I run on Saturdays, so I was looking forward to a bit of extra sleep. Despite the nap, I ended up debating on whether I would go to the gym or not later in the day. My determination won over though, and I did end up in the gym for another bike workout.

This week, I’m back to work after being on vacation for New York. While I’m not looking forward to sitting back at my desk again, I am kind of looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. Of course, another week of vacation would have been pretty nice too. 🙂


Looking ahead to this week, here’s what my goals are…

1. NYC Marathon Recap. Get my recap written and up by mid-week. So much is in my head about the race, and I really do need to get my post written very soon.

2. Workout plan. Run on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, but take the pace easy. Get to the gym at least two other days for cross-training.

3. Hydration. Keep a handle on my hydration. I’ve been feeling pretty thirsty the last couple of days despite drinking a good amount. I’m wondering if it has something to do with my medication. Since it’s still so warm out here in Florida, this is important.

4. Log food intake. I didn’t log anything the last week, so need to get back on this, making sure I am tracking everything.


How was your week/weekend?
What are your goals for this week?


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  1. So glad to hear that you’re feeling better – Sinus Infections are no fun!! We’ve had some allergies going on around here and I’m afraid I’m going to need an inhaler {who knew you could get asthma in your 30’s?!} Can’t wait to read your marathon recap!!

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