The Weekly Chase #44

Where did July go? It always seems time is going by fast when you look back at things. It just feels like the Marathon training season started and now it’s almost two months into it. In fact, I’m up to 17 miles this Saturday for the NYC Marathon. That means including this weekend’s run, four more long runs before the big race!

Fun with the Skirt Sports instagram.

Fun with the Skirt Sports instagram.

Last week was pretty good overall. I had the opportunity to take over the Skirt Sports instagram account on Tuesday, as guest instagramer. It was a lot of fun despite having to work in between it all. The day started off with a run, then ended with a walk and goofing around in my neighborhood. All the while taking the Skirt Sports community with me. It brought out the silliness in me with the jumping around I did that evening while playing with the self-timer.

The rest of the week was par for the course. Working out, and working. Unfortunately, we are a bit slow right now at my job, so that can make the workday go by a little slower than I’d like. I don’t want to be crazy busy, but I would like it if it was steady. I’m hoping the workload goes back up again soon.

Saturday, I began the day with a run in Apopka. My second Apopka hill run day of the season. This was another 6.8 mile run. There were a few more of my group that came out for this one which was good. We definitely don’t get in enough hill workouts here in the flat state of Florida. Despite the humidity, I thought the run went well. The rest of the group seemed pretty good with it.

Group after the humid Apopka run.

Group after the humid Apopka run.

That afternoon, I headed over to visit my parents that live nearby (about 40 minutes away). I ended up spending the night. Mom and I spent some mother-daughter time together, and I also enjoyed some time with my parents’ birds. Rocket is the African Grey that I’ve known since she was a couple of months old or so; Peachy is my mom’s Quaker parrot who is 22 years old. A highlight was when Rocket laughed like crazy with me when something funny happened. She hasn’t laughed in quite some time. So that was definitely neat.

On Sunday, I attempted to sleep in (key word there is attempted), but got up before 9am. I did fall back asleep for another 40 or so minutes not long after though. I went to the gym a bit after lunchtime with my mom, then picked up a smoothie for lunch. The afternoon was spent basically vegging around with the parents before I decided I needed to get back home. Boy do the weekends go by too fast! It was a good one, just not enough of it. LOL


As for last week’s goals…

1. Log food. I give myself 4 stars out of 5 on this one. I missed a couple of things on my log, but I know I was within my calorie goal each day.

2. Hydration. This one gets a 3/5 stars. Another slacking week on chugging that water. MUST do better on this particular goal.

3. Rest. Well, I did get pretty good rest but should have taken a nap on Saturday post-run. So, 4/5 stars.

This week’s goals…

1. Hydration. This HAS to be priority one this week. With 17 miles on the schedule Saturday, I need to ensure I’m staying hydrated so that I can keep myself healthy.

2. Listen to my body. With the long run coming up, overdoing things workout-wise this week is just not going to help. I want to work out 5 days, but we shall see how that goes.

3. Log food. I want to make sure this is 5 out of 5 stars next week on getting my log completed each day. Keeping it in my mind is not the same thing.


How was your weekend?
What are your goals for the week?

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