The Weekly Chase #40

Last week was a whirlwind for me. It seemed to be non-stop craziness at work. By the time Friday 5pm came, I was more than eager to log-off (although I ended up working almost 30 minutes later). On Saturday morning, some of my running group ran out in Apopka to get some hill work in. With NYC Marathon in about 4 months (it’s sure creeping up!), I need as much hill work as I can get. Florida doesn’t have a lot of opportunity for it, so we tend to have to drive out to Apopka or Clermont to get in some kind of elevation running.

After the run in Apopka.

After the run in Apopka.

We met at 5:30am and did 6.80 miles. I actually felt pretty good on this run. A couple of parts required a bit of a push, but I felt good with being out there. The humidity and heat is still pretty nasty (which will continue for us here in Fl), but I think I just might be getting more used to it. After the run, we had breakfast at the nearby Panera. It’s nice to be able to hang out a bit with my running friends and of course enjoy some food.

After getting in a couple of errands, I ended up spending the afternoon watching Law & Order on television. Then, I headed out for church that evening. Pastor Joel gave a great sermon on praying and being a sheep without a Shepard. Bible verses, Matthew 9:36-38 were the main references. How we have such great problems in our lives, but so many don’t know where to go. We also prayed for a group of families going on a mission trip to Jamaica. I missed last week’s sermon on hospitality, so I’ll be listening to the audio podcast tomorrow.


Sunday is the day I usually can sleep in. Despite not having an alarm set, I woke up around 8:30am and decided to get moving (well, sort of). I didn’t do much or leave the house however until almost lunchtime. Flipping on the TV is not necessarily the best way to get your butt going. I also found myself debating whether I wanted to get in my gym workout first thing, or later in the day. In the end, I showered and went out to get my hair trimmed (3 inches gone!). I then sort of wandered around town a bit looking around stores, basically wasting time. After a late lunch, I got in my cross-training workout.

I’m feeling a bit more content right now with things than usual. By that, I mean I think the dose increase on my anxiety meds is affecting me. I find myself wanting to do this or that, but then unless I have to get something done in a certain allotted time, I dilly dally around about it. I’m hoping this will even out better, because I need to feel motivated and not like I want to just sit around.


Looking at last week’s goals…

1. Hydration. This goal went better, as I hit my daily goal on most days. With a long double-digit mile run this coming weekend, I need to improve on that.

2. Website updates. I actually *just* got this one done today. Well, better late than never, eh? I definitely feel better and accomplished that I can check it off my to-do list.

3. Workouts. Goal was to workout 5 days last week. What actually came about was a gym workout on Monday, followed by a run on Tuesday morning. I took a rest day on Wednesday, then ran again on Thursday. Friday was another rest day, followed by Saturday’s hill run.

4. Photography. Blah, no go on this one. My trusty image-capturing-device didn’t end up seeing the light of day outside of it’s bag last week.

This week’s goals are…

1. Workouts. I’d like to get in a gym workout on Monday after work, then my run on Tuesday morning. I’ll take Wednesday as a rest day, then run again on Thursday. Friday will likely be a rest day, since Saturday should be the day of my 12 mile marathon training run.

2. Hydration. Aiming for 100% compliance on this goal this week! I’m going to keep reminding myself throughout the day to chug, chug, chug that water!

3. Photography. With the three-day 4th of July weekend, I should be able to get out and do some photography adventuring.

4. Car insurance. I need to call around and get a better rate on my car insurance. I’ve been with the same company forever and I know I’m paying more than I should be.

How was your weekend?
What are your goals for this week?

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