The Weekly Chase #39

The humidity has arrived. We hit feel-like temperatures this past weekend of 104 degrees. Yicks! Talk about hot stuff! It hits you as soon as you exit the comfort of your A/C house each day, and you know that sweat is just imminent. The first day of summer officially started yesterday, June 21st. But, you could have fooled us Floridians, we’ve had that sticky feeling for a few weeks now.


My weekend began with a 10 mile training run for the NYC Marathon. I had six runners from my pace group that had between 8 and 10 miles to run (for Marine Corp/NYC/Space Coast Marathons). We started the run at 5am, and it went well. Thanks to the rain the night before, it was just a bit cooler out and I was thankful for any relief, no matter how small. It wasn’t until the last couple of miles that I started to really feel the heat the most. By the time my Garmin hit that 10-mile mark, I was a happy marathoner. Ice towels and ice pops awaited at the school where we start and finish our long runs. Both were so great and I know I more than appreciated them.

After the run, I picked up a protein smoothie and headed over to Track Shack, our local running store. They had a mini expo sort of event going on for the training groups, as well as a nice 20% off discount. Lots of my fellow Orlando Galloway as well as Marathonfest runners filled the store. I ended up buying a Track Shack tech shirt, some Feetures socks (my favorite!), as well as some gels. I was hoping to get some pink recovery sandals, but they didn’t have anything like that. That may be something I’ll have to order online. While I prefer to get as much of my running gear at Track Shack, they unfortunately can’t carry everything.

Some of my Dream Chasers after 10 miles.

Some of my Dream Chasers after 10 miles.

When I got home, I showered and hung out a bit watching television before heading over to see my parents. Not only was Father’s Day on Sunday, but my mom’s birthday was on Friday, June 19th. I was going to spend some time with them over the weekend. I had planned to take my dad to see the 40th anniversary of Jaws in the theater for Father’s Day, but he decided he wasn’t into going out to the movies (told him he would have fun and enjoy it, but that didn’t do anything to change his mind). So, I basically just ended up spending time with them at the house on Saturday afternoon and went out to do some things (mostly shopping errands) with mom on Sunday.

Since we got a late start on Sunday, my gym workout didn’t happen. Part of me was okay with that because I was a bit tired from Saturday’s marathon training run. But, I knew that it would have helped my recovery from the run if I had gotten in some cross-training on the bike. And, I didn’t get to visit my mom’s Planet Fitness location which has the awesome water massage beds which I love (that would have been sooo great after the 10-miler). Planning on hitting up the massage bed in a couple of weeks for sure when I do my 12 mile run.

While I love to do activities, it seems the older I get, I’m more inclined to embrace time spent at home doing not much of anything. That, or time with family watching a movie or what have you. I love getting out and doing things, but unless I’ve got them planned ahead of time, I tend to lean toward the relaxing. Also, it’s better for my bank account. Ha. Well, with the NYC Marathon later this year, whatever few dollars here and there that I can save is a good thing!


As far as last week’s goals…

1. Workouts. Ended up working out on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. That means, I took rest days on Monday and Friday. Two rest days are my goal, so good week on that.

2. Hydration. Better last week on this, but still working on motivating myself to guzzle more often. I noticed I felt better on Saturday’s run because I was better hydrated, but I know I didn’t drink enough water after the run which is not the way to go.

3. Website updates. I didn’t get time to work on the Orlando Galloway website last week like I had wanted to. Just didn’t end up getting done.

4. Buy gifts for mom & dad. I had both cards before the gifts which was funny (to me anyway). I ended up finding a nice gift for mom on Friday evening no less. Dad’s Father’s Day gift changed on me last minute (thankfully I hadn’t bought the movie tickets), so I got him some coffee and jellies on Saturday. At least there’s always those to fall back on for him. 🙂

This week’s goals…

1. Hydration. Working to keep this goal in the forefront of my mind. Not just for one or two days, but each day. It’s great when I do well for a day, but that has to happen 7 days a week.

2. Website updates. Got to get the Orlando Galloway site updates done this week. One evening should be all I need if I get right on it after I get off from work.

3. Workouts. 3 days of running and 2 days of cross-training and strength are the goals this week. I started doing upper body strength at the gym last Wednesday with the trainer there and am hoping if I can keep that up, it will help my upper arms which I am not a fan of.

4. Photography. Get out with my camera again. I know a part of me is missing when I don’t go out and take pictures. It’s a part of who I am and I’m beginning to miss it.

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How was your week(end)? Did you get in a long run?
What are your goals for the week?

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