The Weekly Chase #38

Another week has gone by and Monday is here again. This past weekend was a bit more restful than last weekend, no races or long runs going on. Considering I have been battling an on and off headache, I was happy for the chill time. I’m hoping I’ve finally kicked the headache at this point, because I am so over it.

After Saturday's run, boy was I ready to get into some A/C!

After Saturday’s run, boy was I ready to get into some A/C!

On Saturday, I started the day with a run at 5am. Boy was the humidity THICK! As soon as I walked out the door to drive to the run, I had a feeling it was going to be a rough morning. Since it was the first Saturday run of the new Fall session, the newbie runners were scheduled to run 3 miles. So, myself and some of the other alum runners started an hour earlier to get in 3 miles before we had to meet back at the school (our meetup location) for them. By the time we got back from that 3-miler, I was sooo hot. I was grateful that this weekend was a lower mileage one, because boy running longer than 6 miles would have been tough with the heat.

I spent most of the rest of the day doing a couple of errands and watching ‘Orange is the New Black’ on Netflix as I hung out at home. Since the third season hit Netflix on Friday, I knew my weekend would include some binge-watching of the new season. There are 13 episodes, and I’ll likely be done with with the season Monday or Tuesday I figure. I didn’t spent every part of my weekend watching it, just a lot of it.

Love this.

Love this.

Sunday is the day that I can usually sleep in, and I did just that. I got up around 10am and unfortunately, the headache was back. I ended up laying around trying to kick the pain in my head again. Not wanting to miss my cross-training workout, I did go out to the gym and get in some miles on the bike as well as get in my Whole Foods shopping. The afternoon was spent cleaning my bedroom, bird cages and the bathroom. Thankfully, the headache had gone away for the most part which made me feel more like getting the things I needed to get done finally done. So yeah, not much of an exciting weekend for me. At least I’m entering into a new week with things cleaned up! ūüôā

This week, my plans are to workout Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Going to rest on Wednesday and Friday. Saturday, I’ve got 11 miles on my marathon training schedule. I’m hoping for the humidity to not be as harsh as it was this past weekend. I’m also going to do another magic mile either this Thursday or next on the track. I’ve done one every year, and haven’t done one yet officially. If nothing else, I’d like to see how I’m doing in comparison to last year.


Looking at last week’s goals…

1. Logging Food. I did well on this one last week. I even lost weight! I’m now down to my goal weight! So, I’m going to be working to maintain this weight throughout my training for the NYC Marathon. I know I can do it!

2. Hydration. I did really good on my water intake, but I feel like I need to increase it just a bit more this week because I feel that with the heat, I am getting depleted quicker than usual.

3. Workouts. I got in three days of running which is what was scheduled, and I hit the gym as planned. All in all, a good week on my goals.

This week’s goals…

1. Workouts. Plan is to hit the gym for CT on Monday and Wednesday. Running for three days on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I would like to add PiYo back in, but not sure it will happen this week.

2. Hydration. Got to REALLY keep this one going this week, as it’s been sooo hot outside. With a double-digit run this Saturday, this is vital for me. Going to make sure I drink 64oz MINIMUM each day, if not slightly more. I don’t want to go overboard, but I need to be smart. Electrolytes as well are important.

3. Website updates. I’ve got to get some things updated on my local Galloway group’s blog/website, so that’s on my goal list to get done this week.

4. Buy gifts for mom & dad. My mom’s birthday is Friday, and of course Father’s Day is Sunday, so I’ve got some cards and gifts to get the parents this week. Been looking for both of them, but nothing has jumped out at me just yet.

How was your weekend? Are you an OITNB fan?
What are your goals for this week?


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