The Weekly Chase #37

It’s funny. Well, not like ha ha funny, but funny in an ironic way how the week just feels like it flew by AFTER the fact. While you are making it through the grind of Monday through Friday, it’s sort of a slow-motion kind of thing. But, once you hit the weekend, boom it’s like a cheetah and before you know it, you’re back to Monday.

Some of Orlando Galloway before the half marathon.

Some of Orlando Galloway before the half marathon.

Last week has become a bit of a blur from Monday until Friday at this point. It involved waking up, working and working out pretty much. I ended up going to the gym on Sunday and Monday, then running on Tuesday and Wednesday last week. Since I had a half marathon yesterday, I had Thursday, Friday and Saturday as rest days. It ended up being a bit of a different kind of week workout schedule-wise with National Running Day, but I kind of like a change up once in awhile.

This past weekend was a busy one. The Orlando Galloway Fall Kickoff was on Saturday (see previous blog post), then I had a half marathon on Sunday in DeBary. I had signed up for this crazy summer half marathon last year when it was just $30 and knew pretty soon after clicking on the submit registration button, I’d be in for quite the hot morning at the race.

With Donna Deegan after kickoff on Saturday.

With Donna Deegan after kickoff on Saturday.

I used the half marathon as a training run for the NYC Marathon. I had 9 miles on my schedule, so after conferring with coach Jeff Galloway, I decided to run the first 9 miles and then walk the remaining 4.1 miles. Before the race started, I thought, ‘hey, I’ll just run 10 miles rather than the 9.” However, my thinking quickly changed during the first half of the race. In the end, I got it done which is all that mattered. I don’t want to go further into the race, because I’ll have a recap up either tomorrow or Wednesday.

The highlight of my weekend with the kickoff and half marathon was that I got to see a lot of friends. I love hanging out with my running friends. We all understand each other in a way non-runners aren’t able to (we are a fun, wacky bunch). As I said in my kickoff post, it was a lot of fun Saturday, and I was especially happy to see Donna Deegan. She came for our program kickoff and as a race ambassador for the 26.2 with Donna, she is a big inspiration for me and someone I consider a hero. She has been through so much and I feel blessed to have gotten to know her and be a part of the organization. Her husband Tim, also came out for the kickoff and he is the sweetest guy. Definitely a highlight to see them both this past weekend.

Of note, I’ll have a product review and giveaway up later this week for JournalMENU. I am LOVING my NYC Marathon journal they made for me, and I really think a lot of you will love what they can custom make for your special race or event.


As far as my goals for last week go, I did have some success as well as some struggles. I believe those struggles make us stronger, so I look at them as learning experiences. Something to work on improving.

1. Hydration. I did okay on this one. Some days were better than others. I slacked some the last couple of days before the race which was not the best time to have been doing that. But, I’m working on it!

2. Planking. Missed most of last week on this goal. It was one of my struggles of the week. I always come out of the gate each week positive about doing a daily plank, but am working on making it actually happen as it should.

3. Logging food. I give myself a 85% on this goal. I did well up until Friday and Saturday where I just didn’t log everything into my app like I needed to. I was fairly on with my calorie intake until the weekend, but the logging has to happen even when I’m allowing myself a cheat.

4. Daily Devotional. This one gets an A. I am right on schedule with my reading up until yesterday, which I will get caught up on today easily. It’s really a great couple of minutes of my day reading my devotional.

This week’s goals are…

1. Logging food. I want to get back on this 100% of the time. After having a bit of a “freeing” weekend with my half marathon and all, I need to get back on track with knowing everything that I’m consuming.

2. Hydration. I want to get this also back on track. A work-in-progress so to speak, but with the hot and humid weather right now and throughout my marathon training this season, this is vitally important.

3. Workouts. I want to get in running 3 days this week as well as some cross-training. I’m taking today (Monday) as a rest day since I ran 13.1 yesterday, but plan is to head to the gym on Wednesday for sure as well as Sunday. Running will be on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?
What are your fitness and life goals this week?

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