The Weekly Chase #36

Welcome to June! Isn’t it crazy how fast a new month seems to come? It’s already felt like the summer months for us here in Central Florida, so the humid weather fun has already greeted us. The 5am runs have been hot and sticky ones and I know that’s pretty much the norm going forward. Such is the way life is this time of year in the Sunshine State!

On top of the parking garage.

On top of the parking garage.

This past weekend was fairly uneventful for me. I got in my run with my group first thing at 6am. We opted to run in Winter Park since it was our last maintenance run before the new Fall season kicks off this Saturday. We again combined a couple of pace groups and just enjoyed the morning run through the neighborhoods. The run finished with the parking garage to get in some Florida hill work.

Later that morning, Track Shack was hosting a training program informational session. This allowed people to come and learn about the two key training programs Track Shack offers. There’s Marathonfest and Orlando Galloway, which is the program I’ve run with going on four years. Both program directors took some time to discuss the programs and what the differences were for interested participants. I went to the info session last year and it’s nice to be able to help answer any questions for people unsure if Galloway training is right for them.

Training program directors Susan and Laura speak at the info session.

Training program directors Susan and Laura speak at the info session.

I had planned on going over a friend’s house for an afternoon at her pool, but the weather was a bit iffy with on and off thunderstorms, so I decided to grab some lunch from Infusion Tea (a yummy tempeh taco salad) and spent the remainder of the day hanging out at home. I told you, exciting stuff was happening! 🙂

Sunday was a sleep-in day, no alarm set day for me. It’s so nice when you can do that once in awhile. Because my body is used to getting up no later than 8am or so, I did wake up a couple of times before reminding myself that going back to sleep was totally good. I finally rolled out of bed at 10am and made my Vega breakfast smoothie (chocolate with powered peanut butter, yum!). I watched a bit of Law & Order and then got dressed to head out to the gym.

Getting my sweat on always makes me feel better (well, at least when I’m done working out anyway). I felt more awake and motivated after my bike workout. Before heading back home, I stopped at Whole Foods to get my shopping done. The afternoon was again fairly uneventful, spent taking care of a few things at home. I then went to church at 5pm since I didn’t go on Saturday night. It was a good weekend, sometimes you just need it to not so hectic.


Now, onto the goals… I’m not going to go into what last week’s were. Because, if you read my last blog post, you can probably guess not much went well. That’s okay, we all have days and weeks like that. I’m picking myself up and looking at this week in a positive light. So, what are this week’s goals?

1. Hydration. I am going to nail this one this week. I’m ready to take it on and chug, chug, chug every day!

2. Planking. I started off the week with a plank at the gym Sunday! So, June is going to one where I challenge myself to do a plank-a-day. Gotta strengthen that core!

3. Logging food. Need to make sure I’m staying consistent and logging all of my food like I should be.

4. Daily devotional. Continue to read it every day.


How was your weekend?
What are your goals for this week?


The Weekly Chase #36 — 2 Comments

  1. Oooh, I like this idea! My weekly goals are to stick to my fitness and nutrition program 100% until Sunday night when I can log my results!

  2. I actually got the Weekly Chase idea from Mindy over at
    Keeping yourself on point food and fitness-wise is a big challenge each day and week for sure. 🙂

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