The Weekly Chase #34

Happy Monday! Hard to believe that May is almost over and June is just a couple of weeks away. Of course, I’m not surprised it’s summer because we’ve been feeling the icky, thick humidity lately, especially on runs. The north has the cold snow, and the south here in the Sunshine State we have the hot, sticky long summers.

Saturday's run

Saturday’s run

This past weekend was pretty uneventful which was more than fine with me. Started things off with the usual Saturday morning run. We all met over at a trail and ran 8 miles starting at 6am. It was a nice change of pace and scenery. This particular trail is pretty shaded which is a welcome plus and it has painted fence art lining a good deal of the trail on either side. There are paintings from popular movies, TV shows, actors, events and such. There is really some great art to look at. I briefly stopped during a walk break and had one of my running friends snag a pic of me with the Doc and Back to the Future time machine behind me. I plan on going back soon and getting some better pics of it as well as other art on the trail.

On Saturday evening, I went to church. My Pastor did a great sermon on putting Jesus first. He has to be a priority in your life before all else. This is something I struggle with on a regular basis. It was definitely a sermon I needed to hear. Everything is possible because of HIM. That’s something I need to work on reminding myself each day. For example, I am so blessed to run. It’s because of God’s grace that I can lace up my shoes and hit the road to run. I give Him all the glory on that. It should be that way for every thing.

Quick photo stop with the Doc and time machine on the trail Saturday morning.

Quick photo stop with the Doc and time machine on the trail Saturday morning.

Since I had no plans other than hitting the gym and going to the store on Sunday, I didn’t set the alarm and slept in. It became a morning of thinking about getting up, but repeatedly putting my head back down on my soft pillow and resuming a state of sleep. I also woke up with a headache, so that didn’t make things any better. I took something for the headache and allowed myself to rest for a bit longer before I finally forced myself into a vertical state to great the day. That was about 10am, so sufficient to say, it was a nice morning of sleeping in. 🙂

I got my cross-training workout in at the gym around lunchtime when I biked just over 8 miles. I finished feeling good about getting that workout done and of course pretty sweaty. Before I left the gym, I got in my daily plank. I’ve learned it’s easier when I do my plank the same time as whatever workout I’m doing. Otherwise, it’s too easy to forget to get it done. After running into Target to pick up a few things (ha, yeah…it always ends up being more than the ‘few things’ in Target), I went back home and after getting showered, did some needed cleaning. Remainder of the evening was spent watching some television and spending time with my birds.

Dedication to the World Trade Center Towers on trail.

Dedication to the World Trade Center Towers on trail.

Looking ahead to this week, I’ve got my usual running on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Since I went to the gym on Sunday, I will likely take a rest day on Wednesday and then of course on Friday. Saturday’s run will be between 6-7 miles, pretty basic mileage for me. I don’t need to get up to 9-10 miles for my NYC Marathon training until the first weekend in June. I’ll be running a half marathon on June 7th as it ends up, so that race will be a training run (tentative plan is to run 10 miles of it, then walk the last 3.1).


As to how I did with my goals last week…

1. Hydration. I did better on this last week than I did the week prior. With the summer heat already hitting here in Florida, being well hydrated is more important than ever. I averaged a bit under what I should be drinking each day. My daily goal is 64oz, and I was hitting more like 50-56oz a day.

2. Get in 5 days of workouts. This gets an A+ on achievement. I went to the gym on Monday, ran on Tuesday, went to the gym again on Wednesday, ran on Thursday and then ran on Saturday. Rest days were Sunday and Friday. Got it done!

3. Start reading book. Yeah, this one just slipped through the cracks. Didn’t happen. I had my copy of What you can, When you can out and ready to dive into, but it just ended up resting in the same spot I placed it on at the beginning of the week.

4. Plank a day. I planked on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Totally forgot to get it done on Thursday and Saturday. I learned that I need to get it done WITH my workout for that day, it’s too easy to forgot to get back to it if I say I’m going to do it later.

5. Continue reading Devotional. I did great on this one. I read each day and sometimes even went back and re-read the day prior to refresh my memory. I’m enjoying it too!

This week’s goals…

1. Hydrate. Back on the list again. Gotta shoot for the goal of 64oz of water each day!

2. Continue reading Devotional. Another one that is staying on the list of goals for the week. I’ve gotten pretty good at making sure I’m reading it, but I want to ensure it’s becoming something I make sure gets done each day.

3. Plank a day. Now that I know thinking I’ll get the plank done later in the day after a morning workout just becomes a potential “no-go,” I’m hoping I can get it in 7 days this week.

4. Read! I’ve got my copy of What you can, When you can sitting nearby…gotta make it happen! I think once I get into it, I’ll get it all read pretty fast.

5. Log food. I got a bit lax on this last week. I was generally aware of what I was eating, but I wasn’t logging it all like I should be. Need to make sure everything I put in my mouth gets put in my food log.


What are your goals for the week?
Do you have anything you are training for?

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