The Weekly Chase #33


Happy Monday! While I wish it was not a workday, thinking positively about what the day has to offer is the best way to go. This past weekend was pretty good for me. I spent time with my mom and that really was the most important thing.

Saturday started off with a run per usual. We met at a Panera in Park Avenue which while not a regular starting point, is one we have used a few times before for holiday fun runs and OYO (on your own) runs. The area is quite beautiful despite quite a number of brick roads. We may not get in a lot of hill and elevation work in Florida, but we sure as heck get in a good deal of brick road running.

We ran through some of the nicer neighborhoods (well, that really describes most of Winter Park) and looped back around to finish the little over 10k run in a parking garage behind Panera. That was our bit of hill training for the day. I grabbed my Vega protein powder and mixed my recovery drink while the others ordered breakfast at Panera. Sure, Panera breakfast is nice, but I enjoyed my Vega Sport Mocha protein shake.

Mocha Vega Sport post-run on Saturday.

Mocha Vega Sport post-run on Saturday.

About thirty minutes later, everyone headed off to get on with their day. It wasn’t even 8:30am, so the majority of the day lied ahead. I went home to shower and get some breakfast of my own. By 10:20am, I was back out the door en-route to meet my mom. My parents live about 45 minutes away (give or take a few minutes with traffic), but she wanted to hit up the gym. I was good with that idea since I could utilize the hydromassage while she and our mutual friend walked on the treadmills.

My lower back has been less than pleased with me in the last week or so. Particularly after a run. It really started to flare back up after doing some speed work the week before last. I guess it wasn’t as happy with pushing that much that fast. In case you don’t know, in 2010, I herniated one of the discs in my lumbar. Thanks to steroid injections and the grace of God, I was blessed to resume running in early 2012 after not being able to run for over a year.

Running is so important to me. I feel as though it became a part of me especially since resuming in 2012 and getting into Galloway training in June of that year. I feel blessed to be able to run, no matter what pace I may be. That said, I try not to take being able to lace up my running shoes for granted.

With book in hand, time to #wycwyc!  :)

With book in hand, time to #wycwyc! 🙂

Getting back to Saturday, after enjoying the hydromassage and mom finished up her walk, I made a stop at the Target that is on the way to my parents house to pick up a few things. Mom and I went back out after some time at the house to do some window shopping and such. I wasn’t finding much of anything of excitement, that was until I went into the bookstore. Now, I have been searching for a particular book since it was scheduled to hit shelves at the end of April. I think I went to three different bookstores asking for it, getting confused looks and coming up empty handed. The book finally came into my hands on this fateful Saturday afternoon. There it was, What you can, When you can in all it’s glory. A smile came over my face as I walked (or skipped, I may have done some pleasant skipping) to the cashier to pay for my new read.

Now, I am guessing some of you are asking, what is this book you hounded so much to have? To be fair, I could have had it in hand before this point. That is, if I ordered it online. But instead, I opted to be stubborn and go out in person to search for a copy. I would have gone the online route this week if my luck still hadn’t proved successful. I’m surprised my patience made it this far. The book, known in short as Wyc Wyc (hashtag #wycwyc on social media), is written by two awesome fellow bloggers whom I have admired and followed for some time now. Roni Noone and Carla Birnberg co-authored the book about healthy living on your terms. You do what you can, when you can. Making better food choices when you are able, choosing to use the only 10 minutes you may have on a given day and getting in some kind of fitness. We aren’t perfect, and just need to do what we can, when we can. Do head over to their website for more info.

The kitty inside of a gift bag. She was having a great time.

The kitty inside of a gift bag. She was having a great time.

On Sunday, I headed over with the parents to see my grandmother for Mothers Day. She lives near New Smyrna Beach which is a little over an hour’s drive from my parent’s place. My grandmother sadly wasn’t feeling so well, but we did have a nice visit. I also got to play with my Uncle’s kitten, Mila. She is so cute and a ball of energy. I love how neat her fur pattern is. Her ears are big and when she gets excited and perks up, how adorable! I miss having an indoor kitty and I know I will one day again.

We got back to my parents house after 7pm, so I grabbed my bag and headed out toward home. On my way home, I stopped at Whole Foods to get some food shopping done. Once I was home, I was happy to see my babies (my birds), and lots of kisses were given out to them. The evening ended with a bit of television watching before I went to bed.

Onto talk about last week’s goals and what went down…

1. Drink more water. I did do better on this, but I didn’t hit my water intake goal everyday. Plan on working on this again this week.

2. Listen to my body. I did good on this one. My body yearned for more rest last week, so that’s what I did. I ended up taking three rest days rather than the usual two days.

3. Read my devotional. This I did really good on, and I’m definitely happy about it. I read it everyday and I feel like it was a great inspiration to me.

So, overall, not too bad of a week. The listening to my body was a big step for me. While I don’t go out and do crazy things, I would tend to push through at times just to get a workout in. Sometimes, that is just not a good idea, our bodies need to rest too. Now, looking forward to this week…

1. Hydration. Putting this one back on the goals list this week. Gotta get that water intake up! I even got a new water bottle, so hopefully that will help inspire me to chug more often.

2. Get in 5 days of workouts. I ended up not working out on Sunday since I went over to see my grandmother, so planning on going to the gym Monday and Wednesday. Then, runs will be on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

3. Start reading book. Now that I got the What you can, When you can book, it’s time to get to reading it! It’s a small book, so it would be great if I could finish it by the end of the weekend.

4. Plank a day. I want to get back into doing a plank everyday again.

5. Continue reading Devotional. Keeping this one on here as well to make sure I’m on top of my daily reading.

What are your goals for this week? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!
Have a great week! 🙂


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