The Weekly Chase #32


Can you believe it’s already May? In less than 6 months, I’ll be in New York. On one side of the coin, it seems like it’s a ways away, on the flip side, it’s right around the corner. I won’t even go into talk of shopping days until the holidays and all that. Time sure flies. Ha.

Last week, when I re-started doing The Weekly Chase, I neglected to list my goals for the week. I’m getting back on that with this post, as that’s one of points of doing these posts on Mondays. There’s always goals and things I’m working toward, so it’s not an issue to list things, it’s just a matter of WHAT I want to work toward or do in that particular week.

Nicole DeBoom talking at The Running Zone.

Nicole DeBoom talking at Running Zone.

This past week was pretty good overall. I didn’t get in a workout on Monday, as I finished work so tired that I decided to listen to my body and use it as a rest day. I took a nap that evening before enjoying Dancing with the Stars and Castle on TV that night. Monday nights on prime-time television are pretty darn good. Especially when you have Castle to watch. 🙂

Tuesday was the day that I had a half a day of work, as I headed over to nearby Melbourne to meet Skirt Sports’ founder, Nicole DeBoom. It was a fun evening chatting with Nicole about running, skirts and so much more. I even had the opportunity to run with her! Granted, she slowed down for me (and a couple of others), which was awesome. Wednesday was a cross-training day at the gym with a bike workout. Then on Thursday, I did a 4 mile run that became pretty much speed-work with three of my fellow Dream Chaser girls. Friday was my second rest day, so I had a relaxing evening at home after work.

On Saturday, the day began with a 7 mile run with my running group. My back was a bit sore after Thursdays speedier run, so it ended up being a bit uncomfortable. I got it done though, and you never regret a run! That afternoon, a friend and I went to go see the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie at the theater. It was an awesome film, one I recommend you go see if you have yet to. After that, I went to church and did a few errands.

Yummy blueberries

Yummy blueberries

Sunday is usually the one day that I can sleep in, and boy did I. I woke up at about 10am and had my morning Vega protein shake. An hour or so later, I got dressed and went to the gym for a workout. I was able to watch some of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade while I pedaled away. A good movie always helps the workout move right along!

In the afternoon, my friend Terrie and I met up and went blueberry picking in Clermont. We even got to ride on a tractor while at the farm which was a lot of fun. The remainder of the day was spent finishing up running a couple of errands and doing some cleaning at home. All in all, it was a good weekend!


My goals for this week are…

1. Drink more water. I was so good at this up until last week when I know I didn’t drink enough. So, my goal is to make sure I’m drinking half of my body weight in ounces each day. For me, that’s about 64oz daily.

2. Listen to my body. While I really want to get in a workout a minimum of five days a week, sometimes, you have to listen to your body and take a rest day on a day when you hadn’t planned to. Sleep/rest is just as important as working out, so I am working on a good balance.

3. Read my devotional. I have been slacking on reading my daily devotional like I should, so planning to get back on that this week. It’s easier when you read it regularly and don’t have to play catch-up. Also, those little reads and Bible verses are so meaningful.

Going to keep it to those three for now. What about you? What are your goals for the week? I’d love to hear about them. Let’s help one another out with keeping accountable! It’s always better with support. 🙂


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