The Weekly Chase #27


Happy Monday, it’s the start of a new week (well yes, Sunday officially is technically speaking). I am picking myself up and getting my butt moving toward positive change. I’m picking up my workouts as of this week with the addition of PiYo and pushing my intensity during my regular running and cycling workouts. I think that my body has gotten comfortable with my routine and it just needs a jump-start of sorts.

Also, I’m working on my food more this week. I have a thing for salty foods like popcorn, so that’s getting cut out completely, at least until I get myself back on track. More fresh fruits, vegetables are in order, especially salads. I love salads, but it can be easy to fall back into pre-packaged foods that you can throw in the microwave. I’ve kept up with my calories, but I think the addition of more of certain foods and the subtraction of others will help make a difference toward positive change.


Looking at last week’s goals…
1. Start PiYo. I did the first day as well as the second day of PiYo and will be continuing onward with it this week.
2. Bible reading/study. I did okay on this one, but not as on target as I’d like. But hey, some progress is something! I’m just going to continually work on reading and studying more.
3. Doctor appointment. I already posted about the results from that in a previous blog post, so I won’t say anything but that it got done and it’s onward to getting B12 shots soon.

This week’s goals…
1. Cutting out the popcorn. I don’t have any in the house right now, and need to keep it that way. It’s a weakness snack for me, so keeping it away from reach should help me avoid it.
2. Increasing workouts. This includes PiYo, running and cross-training. I want to push myself out of my usual comfort zone especially during cross-training workouts.
3. More blogging. I’ve been slacking on blogging as much as I’d like to be lately and that needs to change. I have had success when I’ve written a few posts at once and then scheduled them out, so going to try to do that.
4. Commenting More. In addition to blogging more, I need to leave more feedback and comments on my fellow bloggers pages when I visit. I read their posts, but I don’t post comments nearly as much as I should. I know I appreciate when people comment here, and I need to remember that when I’m visiting another blog.

What about you, what are your goals this week? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


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