The mind of George Sodini

Who is George Sodini? Well, you probably know him best as the gym killer. He is the man who walked into the L.A. Fitness in Pennsylvania on Tuesday night, killed three women, injured nine others and then turned the gun on himself.

Reading Sodini’s bloggings, it becomes obvious that he was a deeply troubled man. He frequently talks about being alone and without a girlfriend. About never having a lover and seemingly feeling sorry for himself in the process. His words invoke a person who was crying out for help, yearning for someone to help him make sense of the feelings he was feeling. Yet, no one it seems saw that until now, when it is of course too late.

Now I wonder, how many other people are out there desperate and severely depressed like Sodini was? Is that guy driving the coupe next to you at the intersection secretly suffering and thinking of pulling out a gun in a crowded mall later that day because he feels he has nothing to live for? The current financial situation of this country makes this a honest to goodness question we need to be thinking about. True, Sodini wasn’t in a financial woe, but the unemployment rate of this country right now bring this sad question to light.

I know we can’t predetermine who is going to go nuts tomorrow and go into a rage like they could in the movie, “Minority Report,” but without going into a panic, people need to pay attention to those they care about or know. Listen to what they are saying or expressing. The signs where there for Sodini, but no one took the time or interest it seems to give him any serious consideration.

Anyway, just some thoughts I had on the subject.

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