The Foodie Penpal That Was Not

I debated about posting this, but then I decided, heck with it. I decided to participate for the first time last month in Foodie Pen-pal exchange that The Lean Green Bean puts together each month. It looked and sounded like a lot of fun, so I figured I’d give it a go.

Like many other folks, I’m a budget these days. Especially so since I just moved and need to find ways to save when possible. So, I knew that this exchange might just become a once in a while thing since it would be a bit costly with the postage and all. Also, I like to think that while we should all have fun, sometimes giving money to people in need is a much better idea.

After getting my pen-pal (you send one person stuff while a different person is your pen-pal to send you goodies), I contacted her and that weekend got to shopping. On the 15th per the agreement, I got my pen-pal’s package in the mail. Then, it was “hurry up and wait time” for my package of surprises and hearing what my pen-pal thought of what I had picked for her.

About a week or so later, my pen-pal emailed me to say she had gotten her goodies and loved them. Hearing her excitement, I became even more anxious to get my package. Unfortunately, here it is April 9th and I have yet to get a thing. I’ve emailed the gal and nothing. This is disappointing to say the least. What makes this worse is that this exchange is the 3rd time I’ve done something along these lines (Secret Santa, etc.) via online and gotten nothing. Folks really shouldn’t sign up for exchanges like this if they aren’t prepared to follow through. It really stinks to be the one who put out their time and money and then find out that they get nothing in return. Don’t get me wrong, donating is awesome, and I do it as much as I can to many organizations, but that’s not what this was about.

Anyway, I thought I’d share my experience in case anyone else out there is considering this or other exchanges. I’m not saying don’t do it, because that’s not fair to the organizer and to those who have held up their end of the bargain. What I am saying is that you should be prepared that you may become the victim of someone who can’t follow through with their obligations and/or agreements. Also, I’d like to say to those who have forgotten their partner in the past for an exchange, shame on you. Please hold up to your agreement or don’t sign up.


The Foodie Penpal That Was Not — 5 Comments

  1. Wow. That’s always my concern with swaps and exchanges too…there’s no telling if the other person is going to follow through. Sorry to hear about your experience! Can you tell the organizer so that the person isn’t allowed to sign up for future foodie pen pals?

  2. Ohh Shannon, I’m sorry this has to happen. I hate admitting this but I was once the person to not send out the package. I had it all ready to box and ship before getting a family emergency phone call. Two weeks later I finally got the box out but I felt really horrible. I agree, don’t be the person who doesn’t keep their end. At the very least have open communication.

  3. Well Carrie, they apparently have two times to not get the package to someone. I think it should be once, but it’s up to the organizer.

    Sabrina, if she would have at least responded to my email saying that she was late for whatever reason… with no response, I just see that she gave me the boot.

  4. again, i’m so sorry about your bad experience. i wish there was a way to guarantee that everyone would receive their package but unfortunately with over 600 people, it’s out of my control. The reason I give people two chances is because I know our postal system and have personally had things get lost in the mail and i don’t think it’s fair to kick someone out the first time if they really did mail the package and it happened to get lost. i definitely agree that if people sign up, they need to hold up their end of the bargin.

  5. I don’t blame you at all, Lindsay. I’m sure it’s hard work with that many folks participating. I do like the idea though, it’s just too bad there are a couple of bad ones that always seem to get into these exchanges.

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