The Caffeination Game


We all have our vices, especially when it comes to getting an extra energy boost to get through a long workday. Last week, I decided to start lessening the amount of energy drinks that I drink in a given day. I’ve gotten up to 2-3 Monster or sugar-free Red Bulls per day, so I definitely wanted to get off them. There’s nothing wrong with having one or two here and there, but when you need to have a couple a day just to stay awake, something’s got to give.

So, as of last week, I’m down to one energy drink a day, that’s all I’m allowing myself to have. I am drinking about 2 cups of coffee or tea a day though in addition to that. I’m not against drinking caffeine (hey, I love it), but I don’t want to extra crud that goes into the energy drinks in my system on a regular basis. I’m hoping that I can eliminate this one can a day in the next week or so. It’s kind of a weaning process, that’s how I’m seeing it. I’m still feeling the lack of energy, but trying my best to use the more natural caffeine stimulants. And of course, I’ve been working on upping my water intake a lot more. Summer is here, so I have to stay hydrated!

How about you, are you a caffeine drinker? What is your drink(s) of choice?

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