The Biggest Loser Run/Walk Race Series

I am beyond thrilled to announce that I’ll be running The Biggest Loser Run/Walk Half Marathon on December 29th in Panama City Beach. The folks at the race series gave me a free race entry in exchange for blogging about the race before and of course after the half marathon.


If you are familiar with me at all (well, if you read this blog you would be 🙂 ), I’m a huge Biggest Loser fan. It was The Biggest Loser that inspired me to get my butt off the couch and moving to get healthy and lose weight. I’ve been watching the show since season two (and have gone back to watch season one), and I look forward to the new season every year. I love talking with the contestants via social media and sharing in their joys and the challenges they face along their own journeys. It’s a reality show with heart.

The Biggest Loser started the run/walk race series to motivate folks to get out and run/walk. The series is a non-intimidating race series designed to challenge America to get fit. They do 5ks, 10ks, 15k, Off-road challenges and a half marathon. There’s something for everyone at every fitness level. You can do your first 5k or shoot for a P.R. race, whichever way you go, it’s all about getting out and being active.


The perks at a Run/Walk race are awesome. All participants receive a Finishers Medal, Tech shirt, drawstring backpack, free download-able race photos, and much more. Not to mention that former contestants, Dan and Jackie Evans are at each event. The Evans are National Spokespeople for the race series. Dan Evans also performs at the finish line for everyone!

Now’s the time to register for one of the series races! Upcoming cities include: Erie, PA; Racine, WI; Seattle, WA; Chicago, IL and more! Check out The Biggest Loser Race/Walk series website for all the cities scheduled.


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  1. In 2013 I had lost 104 lbs & I participated in the PCB Biggest Looser 5K. I walked with Dan Evans for a while & we talked . I had my picture with him. I met his mother Jackie, we talked & they both praised me for loosing on my own. They were both such an inspiration.

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