Thankful Thursday: Zradio, family & payday

It feels like this week has just been dragging along. Well, at least for me it feels this way. I hate feeling even slightly down, so I knew that I had to do a Thankful Things Thursday post to get myself back up again.

I’m thankful for payday. I truly really am thankful that I get paid tomorrow. I am so broke right now so some green dollars sounds great right about now. Yes, I need to learn how to manage my money better (errr, at all, I do need a budget I think), but I think my downfall is running clothes/gear. J

I’m thankful for family. I had a nice phone call with my grandmother last night and it made my night. There’s nothing like connecting with family members that you don’t see enough to make you smile.

I’m thankful that I’ve run 4 half marathons! Just over a year ago, I did my first half, and now, I’ve done a total of four. How cool is that? Pretty dang nice if you ask me. Makes me feel good to know that I can do anything I put my mind to and with God all things are possible.

I’m thankful for running friends. I love running with friends and got to run with a few of them during the OUC Half Marathon. It really makes the experience even better when sharing it with others.

I’m thankful for the Z. Here in Orlando, there’s a radio station called Z88.3. They are a Christian station who constantly inspire and motivate me throughout my day. Right now, they are playing Christmas music and I love how it is keeping me in the spirit of the season. It can be hard sometimes to keep our spirits up this time of the year with the craziness of life, so things like this are great.

What are you thankful for this week?

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