Thankful Thursday: Podcasts, Compression and Birdies

It’s that time again, Thankful Thursday! The idea is brought to you by Ali on the Run. I have decided that it is of the utmost awesomeness plan on doing it weekly myself. Check out her blog, it’s great!

I am thankful for compression shorts. I found a pair of Nike Combat ones for a steal of a price over the weekend at Ross and had to add them to my ever-growing collection of running and workout apparel. Of course, I need compression gear, so that was the main reason I got them. I tend to get sore quads after long runs and I know these will be of help. I have already worn them around the house once and am already liking them a lot. They are very comfortable and will get a lot of use in the coming weeks and months.

Garfield rules, it's a fact.

I am thankful that it’s almost Friday! This has felt like the longest week in awhile (yes, I know it’s just my imagination), so I am very happy that tomorrow is finally Friday! Bring on the weekend!

I love my iPod, though it doesn't look exactly like this one.

I am thankful for great podcasts. I have the ability at work to listen to my iPod when I’m not making or receiving a call, which is nice. I have been downloading and listening to some great podcasts lately. Some that I’m really enjoying are, “Marathon Training Academy,” “The Jillian Michaels Show,” “The Extra Mile,” “Photofocus,” and “Two Gomers.” There are others of course, but these ones stand out for me. I tend to listen to running, fitness, photography and writing podcasts. I haven’t really found any writing podcasts I’m crazy about yet, so if you know of one, let me know!

I am thankful for my baby birds. Even if Indy (my lovebird) has a problem with my running headbands and hats (he yells at me whenever I wear them), he’s the cutest and he knows it! Angel (my budgie) is also the sweetest. She sings to me everyday. I love my babies!

Indy bird. He rules and will let you know it.

I am thankful that for friends. Yes, I know I said this last week, but with my race this weekend and friends coming to visit from Asheville, my friends are on my mind a lot right now. It’s going to be a busy but fun weekend!

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