Thankful Thursday: New Place, Lilly & Happy Legs

What a week I’ve had. Well, really, it’s been busy since last Friday with friends visiting, getting a new place and the race this past Sunday. So, I’m ready for Thankful Thursday.

I’m thankful for finding a new place. On Saturday morning, I had plans to look at a couple of potential places to move to, and have been blessed. Finding my new place in College Park was just that, a blessing. I just felt from the get-go that it was the right one for me. I’m going to be in a great location near so many things I love to do. I can’t wait to get moved in and start my “new life” there!

Yay for moving! No, I don't own a cute rabbit like this one, but the cuteness factor alone is why I used this image.

I’m thankful that I’m getting my car back. I took my car in for repair on Tuesday morning before work after being hit from behind on Saturday afternoon in Tavares. While I’ve been driving around a rental car since then, I really miss my car. I can’t wait to get Lilly back tomorrow morning (yes, my car has a name). I hope she was treated well and that the bumper is as good as new now.

Lilly in the early days before she was pushed around by a guy driving a Jeep.

I’m thankful that I completed my race on Sunday! While it was my second half, it was really my first as a runner again, so it meant a lot to me. As I previously posted in my race report, it was a rough one for me mentally at times, so I am so proud of myself for finishing. I feel like I’m a stronger person for that now.

I’m thankful for Barnie’s coffee. I know, I know, Barnies? Here’s the deal, I bought a bag of their Cool Cafe Blues ground coffee yesterday from the store and tried it this morning. It’s really great! I hands down prefer Starbucks, but a girl has to check out other things too. And, in all honesty, I really prefer coffee in Asheville at the Green Sage over the big names. But, since I’m not in Asheville (yet, trust me, I have not given up on that dream!), I go with what I love where I am. And, good coffee is good coffee, period. 🙂

Skirt Sports skirt + Brooks Adrenaline's makes me a happy runner

I’m thankful that my legs are feeling better. Today, I was finally able to get back out and do an easy run before work. My legs were pretty darn sore Monday and Tuesday, but by yesterday, I could tell I was about ready to hit the pavement again. It felt good to run again after Sunday’s race. I’m already anticipating Saturday’s run!

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