Thankful Thursday: New Home

Moving into a new home isn’t exactly a new beginning, but I suppose it’s kind of a like a new week or new year. It’s like the chalkboard is fresh and clean and ready for the chalk to mark it up. Okay, so maybe it is a kind of like a new beginning afterall. Anyway, I’m getting used to my new place and so far liking it. I’m gradually learning to tune out the noise of I-4 (which is right behind the house) and the landlord’s barking dog in the morning (he barks at cats that happen to wander by as well as other dogs of course). I think those are not too bad considering the insanity from which I was in since April. I’ll take road noise any day of the week compared to the rowdiness of college party kids. That said, here’s this week’s Thankful Things Thursday.

I’m thankful for my new place. I’m loving being able to sleep in a real bed (futons are not real beds, and definitely not as comfy as an actual bed) and not being awakened at 1am. Yes, it’s nice to live with people who respect the other folks in the house. The simplest things in life are so great, and sleep for me ranks at the top.

I’m thankful to have my birds back. They stayed over my parents house for a week and I missed them a great deal. I was so happy to get them on Sunday afternoon and bring them back to our new place. They seemed happy to see me too. My birds are awesome. 🙂

I’m thankful for short work weeks. And of course three days weekends prior! I loved that we had a short week at work, but I’m already anxious for the weekend again. It’s still felt like a long week despite that it’s only the third day there today.

I’m thankful for awesome friends. My co-worker and friend Pat was extremely awesome helping me with my move last Friday night after we got off work early. It was a rough few hours and I couldn’t have done it without her.

What about you? What are you thankful for this week?

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