Thankful Thursday: Long weekend, panniers and nootch

It’s time again for Thankful Thursday! I love doing this blog post every week, as it gets me thinking about the past week and about the little things along with the big.

Yes, it is, and it's just awesome. No work for three days!

I’m thankful for long weekends. With Memorial Day this coming Monday, I have a three-day weekend! Definitely nice to have! I’m looking forward to it, especially since I’ve got to work an extra two hours on Tuesday. Rest and fun is in order!

Why not all at once? Be a rebel.

I’m thankful for new SOBE flavors. SOBE Lifewater has come out with some new flavors in their 0 calorie drink line. Today, I’m enjoying Acai Raspberry and I tried Blood Orange Mango yesterday. Both are quite good. New flavors with zero calories is good stuff in my book.

I like this image, it's very informational. And, there's a leaf.

I’m thankful for my Brita pitcher. I had been drinking water from the fridge at home, and had a feeling the filter in it was just not doing the job (might need to be replaced). So, I pulled out my Brita pitcher and have been using it the last couple of days. What a difference! Water tastes better and I feel like it’s not causing stomach upset (which I think the fridge was doing to me).

I’m thankful that my panniers arrived. The nice thing about doing this blog post in the evening is that the mail and deliveries have come by the time I get home from work. Not only did the two cookbooks I ordered arrive today, but so did the grocery panniers for my bike. Just in time for tomorrow’s Bike to Work Day with the Mayor.

Nootch is awesome.

I’m thankful for nutritional yeast. Yes, I’ve used it a few times already, but it’s now become a staple in my kitchen and it’s just awesome stuff. You can use it in so many recipes and in so many ways for cooking. Love it.

What about you? What are you thankful for today? Comment and let me know! 🙂

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