Thankful Thursday: God, health and running on coffee

I slipped up and forgot to do this last week, so I’m hoping I can be better about doing this weekly. The idea is borrowed (stolen? I’m normally not a thief, so I am going with borrowed or conceived) by Ali on the Run who also has an awesome blog. She is very funny and her posts always make me smile. So, without further ado, here are the things I’m thankful for…

I’m thankful for God. He really has made everything I do possible. His love has gotten me through so much in life. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of praying about being healthy and not sick. It’s been a rough last few weeks in that regard (bronchitis anyone?), but through His grace and strength, I’m pushing through and getting back to doing the things I love (as well as those that I don’t, but hey, gotta take those too).

God gives me the strength day in and day out

I’m thankful for running. Yes, I know I say that a lot, but it’s so true. This morning, I had such a great 3-miler and it felt sooo good. I found out what I’m capable of doing when I push myself to speed up. It’s so great to see the potential you have and the things you can do when you put your mind to it.

I’m thankful for vegan cupcakes. There is a local vegan bakery in Orlando called Raphsodic that makes the best, most awesome cupcakes ever. This is not an opinion, it’s fact. Even my birds love them, so you know I’m telling the truth because cute feathered creatures don’t lie.

I’m thankful that my back has been good. My back has been nice and not problematic lately and that makes me one happy camper (okay, so I don’t really camp very often, or really ever, but I can still be one darn it!). I guess this one kinda ties in to the first one, as I believe God has been a big reason this is doing well. I would do a crazy dance, but I don’t want to take things too far…or, do I? Likely all of my dancing is crazy though because I never could honestly dance well.

Really, I love coffee, you will be liked if you bring the coffee.

I’m thankful that there is coffee. I have become quite the coffee lover the last two or three weeks. True, I loved having a latte or frap treat on weekends previously, but now, I’ve discovered the awesomeness that is a daily cup of java! A K-cup machine is surely in my future. Mmmmm cinnamon coffee goodness!

I’m thankful for technology like Garmin. Finally, I broke down and bought a Garmin running watch and I love it so much! It’s so neat being able to see how you are doing as you run. Sure, the android apps like Runkeeper are helpful, but having a Garmin is definitely better. I can already foresee that it will aid in improving my pacing this year and beyond. Technology toys are fun!

I’m thankful for good friends. Namely, my new friend Liz who I enjoy texting just about every day now. She and I are both crazy and that’s totally cool. I look forward to our run on Saturday and the half marathon insanity that March 4th will bring!

Real friends don't hang out together in old bathtubs. It's kinda weird. Well, unless we're talking ice bath.

I’m thankful about this blog. Not only because I’ve changed the design (I hope you think it’s pretty snazzy like I do, even though it still is in need of tweaking), but because it’s a forum for me to post things like this. I’m a writer at heart, so I just love writing no matter what. And, I love the followers and comments!

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