Thankful Thursday: Nutty Love, Training & Resting


Can you believe it’s Thursday already? Actually, I couldn’t be happier that it finally is. With all the over-time that we have been required to work since the beginning of the year, I am always looking forward to Fridays these days. Thursday means running and one more day until Friday!

I’m thankful for nut butters. I have finally fallen in love with them. My favorite thus far being Nuttzo, but any good crunchy and/or chocolatey butter makes me a happy chicky. I tried a chocolate peanut butter one over the weekend and wow was it good! I have gotten into eating more toast with nut butter post-runs now. Seems to fill me up pretty well. Adding some cinnamon and chia on top is also good.

I’m thankful for the new training season. We began the new Galloway training season last week and not only do I get to run with old friends, but there are new friends! More running friends is always nice. I love running with my group, so it’s nice that things are back up and going again.

With two of my running group friends last year at the OUC Half Marathon.

With two of my running group friends last year at the OUC Half Marathon.

I’m thankful for watermelon. Talk about an awesome snack for summer, there’s nothing like ice cold cut up watermelon! Yummy! I also love fresh fruit in general, summer just makes fruit seem to taste all the better. I’m sure that I’ll have more than my fair share of fruity goodness in the coming months.

I’m thankful for easier weeks. Well, easier in the workout department anyway. Due to not feeling as up to par as I’d like, I’ve been toning down my gym workouts this week. Still running, just not biking as much or doing much of any cross-training. I have been resting up a bit more. Sometimes, I think we need that.

What are you thankful for this week? Post in the comments, would love to hear yours!

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