Technology Keeps Us Connected

Photo copyright, Marvel Entertainment

Photo copyright, Marvel Entertainment

What would we do without technology? Just imagine not being able to text your friends at will, or call home to check on things. We can so easily take a picture or video while at an event and instantly it can be posted on facebook, instagram or twitter. Then, we can comment and see the comments from others on those very images. We are so used to these things now, but when you step back and think about it, the reality of it all is pretty cool.

A big one for me is photography. I remember shooting good ‘ole 35mm film while in high school and college and having to take the rolls of film to get processed, or process them myself later that day. Not only did I not know if I got “the shot” I wanted, but I also could not share said photos with friends and family unless I printed them out or scanned them. Now, everything is on an sd card and I can upload those photos almost instantly to anywhere I’d like. Not to mention that I know from looking at the screen on my camera while I’m out shooting that I did in fact, get the shot.

Another great thing that encompasses everything about technology is how close it brings us to what’s happening in each others lives. We can almost be there when a friend is at a theme park, or finishing their first half marathon. Being able to share our thoughts and images with basically the world is big. Online communities have become our support systems during our weight loss journeys and so much more. Being a part of an online community of like-minded people really does help inspire and motivate. I feel more empowered when I see what others are doing and want to challenge myself even further.

How about you? What are your thoughts on technology? How does it affect your successes in fitness or anything else you are passionate about? Please comment and share!


Technology Keeps Us Connected — 6 Comments

  1. I get ‘ya girl! I used my iPhone to take the bulk of my travel pictures when in Thailand for 3 weeks. If I’d had to tote the film I would have had to ditch my clothes to fit in the rolls given the number of shots I took. Much handier to haul a smart phone up 200 steep steps in the humid jungle than a heavy camera and tripod.

  2. This is definitely near and dear to my heart. Most of my friends and family members aren’t local to me, so being able to stay in touch and connected is so important. I can’t even imagine if we had to write letters and wait days or weeks to hear from each other.

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