Taper Troubles

Ah, the marathon taper. It should be a restful time, where you get to think about all your months of training and how the big race is finally almost here.

Ha, yeah right.

It’s usually a time where you have crazy up and down emotions, a super-sonic awareness in avoiding anyone who might sneeze or cough anywhere in your vicinity and a fear of any odd soreness or niggle throughout your body.

The Girl's Got Sole - Heel injury

Well, it seems that I’ve developed a heel issue, now two weeks before the race. I noticed my left heel was a bit tender and sore a day or so ago, but honestly, didn’t think much of it. Upon waking up this morning, it greeted me. During my run, I wasn’t feeling the most comfortable on that foot. That’s when I started to get a big concerned. Could I have injured my heel?

Dr. Google told me what I sadly was wondering, the possibility of Plantar Fasciitis. I then went to my fellow runners who have given advice on home treatment. Of course, RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) are all a part of that, as well as stretching. Looks like I may be doing that four-letter thing I hate the next few days, rest.

I’m really hoping it’s going to calm down in the next couple of days with rest and all. But, if it continues into Monday morning and not improving, I’m going to call a local sports doctor. Doing my best right now not to be too concerned, and I am going to pray for a speedy recovery.

The Girl's Got Sole - Taper

Have you dealt with Plantar Fasciitis? Or, what about an injury during a marathon taper?


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  1. Shannon, I have, and I’ve managed to keep it from developing by using a ball and rolling my heel on the ball. So painful but works so well!! I use a golf ball. Tennis would work as well. Try to get it on the back of the heel and roll slowly. Grit teeth. Good luck! I’m sorry!

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