Taper Madness?

Argh! I am frustrated…or, maybe it’s just that I’m experiencing that craziness they call Taper Madness. Somehow, I injured myself Friday or Saturday (more than likely Friday night at the concert when I was dancing and jumping around) and now, I’m paying the price. The area above my right knee is either bruised or has a muscle pull or strain. I can feel it when I walk and while I can push through it, I am doing my best to just rest.


Rest. Why is it that I hate that four-lettered word right now? I mean, I love my bed and sleep in it is just awesome. But, when I have to rest and NOT run, that’s a problem for me. I tried to convince myself all day today that the pain/soreness was nothing, that I was totally fine. But, of course it’s not fine. There’s something wrong with my leg and I need to listen to my body and think of the big picture. Space Coast Marathon is 12 days away and that is the goal, to get there healthy and ready to go.

So, now I rest up and pray that whatever the issue is, that it takes a hike ASAP. I mean, it would be nice if it was gone by Wednesday…or, at least in time for Thursday’s track workout. I’ve got six miles on the schedule for my last weekend run before the marathon, so we shall see if I get that in. I leave it in God’s hands.

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