T-Minus 5 Days…

I move this Friday! Just got the majority of my stuff packed and ready to go. As of right now, I’ve just got to deal with the pantry tonight and clean up the bathroom this week and I’m ready to go. My futon has been taken apart and I’ll be sleeping on the mattress, as I’m trying to sell it (my new place has a bed). I’m not necessarily looking forward to sleeping so close to the floor from now until Friday night, but I’ll survive. The good that I’ll be feeling once I’m out of this house and into my new place will make it all worth it.

Fitness-wise, I ran 12 miles yesterday morning with my Galloway group. It was a bit tiring, but a good run. I walked a bit more than I would have like to have done (walked a few extra intervals toward the end), but I’m learning it’s more important to get the miles in than not. I’d rather walk a bit more and get it done. My Galloway training group leaders and fellow runners have taught me a good deal about the right way to do things. At the beginning, I wanted to be speedy, wanting to do my runs as fast as I could. Now, I’ve learned that sometimes, slow and steady wins the race, or in this case, gets the training done safely.

The rest of this week will consist of trying to keep as stress-free as possible, and making sure I’m ready to go on Friday for the move with all the last minute stuff. At least my birds are now over my parents house, it’s easier to move and get clean up done without pets around. I’ll miss them all week though. They always make me smile.

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