Do You Supplement?

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Are you adding supplements into your daily routine? Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, triathlete, or a gym rat, supplements can be a great addition to your daily healthy nutrition routine. There’s a number of benefits you can gain from taking a supplement. Some can boost your energy during your workout, while others help your muscles recover more easily.

I have tried quite a number of different supplements through the years, but it’s not until recently that I have learned that not all supplements are created equal. Just like food, some companies add unnecessary and unhealthy additives to their supplements. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that kind of thing in my food or supplements. There’s no reason for it, I want the basics.

My current regime of supplements includes Garcina Cambogia Extract, Green Coffee Bean and BCAAs. I do take some others on and off, but those three are pretty much my go-to on a regular basis. My supplements come from SD Pharmaceuticals which produces only the highest quality product. For someone who looks for high-quality, their line is top-notch.


Garcina Cambogia Extract is a plant that is native to Southeast Asia. It’s mostly used in cooking as a spice for flavoring, but is good for much more. The plant contains a phytochemical called hydroxycitric acid which has a dual effect in supporting weight loss. Garcina can help reduce appetite as it supports a healthy serotonin level. It can also have an impact on enzymes related to fat metabolism in the body.

The Garcina is taken about 30 minutes before a meal for optimum absorption. It can be used up to three times a day, but I tend to mostly take it just before lunch. It can help with that afternoon slump where I start to crave a snack.

Green Coffee Bean is in a nutshell, coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. This allows the beans to keep their chlorgenic acid levels which can aid in fat-loss support. Research has suggested that the chlorogenic acid from the green coffee bean can have modulating effects on glucose metabolism and help inhibit fat accumulation.

I use the Green Coffee Bean about twice a day. I take it in the morning and then usually in the early afternoon or a bit after lunch. I feel like it does give me a little extra boost.

BCAAs, or Branch Chain Amino Acids are a group of essential amino acides that play a key role in muscle growth and energy production. Included in the BCAAs are L=leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine. BCAAs cannot be made by the body, so they must be ingested via food or supplements.

BCAAs can be taken up to three times a day. The way I’ve been using it is after running in the morning and I tend to put a scoop in my water I drink at the gym. I do take it on some rest days as well. Lately, I use it on average of about once a day, sometimes twice.

Do you supplement I’d love to hear about your regime.


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  1. I take LOADS of VITAMINS and MINERALS and EXTRAS!! I take at least 40 – 50 pills A DAY! Vitamin D and Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics and Quercetin and HCL are my MUST HAVES for sure!

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