Sunday Funday Ride

This morning, after having some breakfast, I headed out on my bike for a fun ride around College Park. I love my new neighborhood and wanted to explore it on two wheels. I opted to just go with whichever way felt like the way to go and just ride.

This ended up being a relaxing and enjoyable experience. I rode around for over an hour, just enjoying the scenery and stopping every so often to take pictures (I brought along my camera). The ride was both creative and peaceful. I ended up at Lake Adair, which even though it’s close by, I had yet to really see.

I plan on doing this kind of bike ride weekly if possible, as it not only gives you a workout, but it’s a great little adventure in my own backyard so to speak. I felt it relaxed me as well as felt creatively motivating. I love running and that’s really enjoyable and relieving of stress, but there’s something about getting on a bike that makes you feel free.

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