Sucked into the Media Madness

image credit: WFTV

image credit: WFTV

Yes, I admit it. I’ve been sucked in. I’m a sucker, and that’s okay! I’m talking about the George Zimmerman trial. Just like with Casey Anthony’s trial, I am listening in as of today to the court proceedings. Maybe it’s the crime writer in me, or the “wanted to be a cop or lawyer” part, I don’t know. Nonetheless, I like tuning into trials when I can.

Of course, while this trial is important (especially for both families involved), I found the Casey Anthony case to be one I was more “attached” to if that makes sense. Maybe it was because it had to do with a missing little toddler who won my heart as she did many others.

I don’t have a real opinion though on the Zimmerman trial. I’m not sure if George did it out of self-defense or not. I’m pretty open on this one and really listening to both sides of the case. One thing is clear though, I feel for both Martin’s family and George’s family as they go through this court trial. It has to be such a stressful and emotional roller coaster to go through. I can only hope that I never have to be a part of something like this myself.

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