State of the Workout

I realized that I haven’t updated the blog in a week! On the good side of things, I’ve been working out a lot more. Ever since I returned from Sweat USA Miami, I’ve had a renewed state of mine for my workouts. I’ve been back in the gym at least twice a week. I’ve thought about upping that to three times a week, but I think I’m going to feel that out at least until after my marathon.

What I’ve been doing is upper body one day and lower body the other day. It’s not as intensive as I’d like it to be, especially for the upper body since I’d like to tone up my upper arms a lot more, but I’m glad to be working out five days a week again. Also, I’ve started using a BodyMedia band, which I’m currently reviewing. You may be familiar with them if you watch The Biggest Loser. I’ll have a lot more about this soon.

This Saturday is my last long run before Space Coast Marathon! I’ve got 26 miles on the schedule starting dark and early. I am excited about the run, but will be glad to get the last long run done. Then, I’ll be in taper mode which is both a good and bad thing. 🙂


How’s your training or workouts going? Are you training for anything?

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