Sore Legs

After yesterday’s long run, my legs have been complaining. Specifically, my thighs and knees hate my guts right now. Just walking up and down stairs have me grimacing at each move. I’m sure my odd slow movements are an amusement to anyone that bothers to watch. I might just look like someone who is horribly out of shape rather than a runner.

I blame all this soreness on loss of fitness. Since I was out of running for close to two weeks, my body thought that lying around and taking it easy was the new thing. Of course, that’s just not the case. I have worked hard to get in shape and stay that way. Sure, a day or two here and there of extra rest is nice, but definitely not a week or more.

The way I walk and move around reminds me of these funny videos I saw on youtube that have been making the rounds about the day after a marathon. Only, this is like the days after a short long run. Ha.

Day after NYC Marathon

Day after marathon

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