Skirt Sports Sewing Room

Skirt Sports Sewing Room

It all began with the Gotta Go Skirt. If you missed out on the Kickstarter and fun of being able to pee wherever you want during your run, check it out here. In fact, you can still get your hands on a Gotta Go Skirt! With Skirt Sports Sewing Room, your ideas can become a reality! You designed them, and now if they are funded, you can own them!

Right now, there are five products in the Sewing Room that you can fund. The Cruiser Bike Girl, Happy High Waist Skirt, No Chub Rub Skirt, Out & About Dress, and the Serendipity Sarong. The first two are presently over 30% to their funding need, while the others are at various percentages in being funded presently.

Cruiser Bike Girl

The Cruiser Bike Girl skirt is a take on the former Cruiser Bike skirt that Skirt Sports offered in the past. It was a classic that became the top-selling cycling skirt that was discontinued two years ago. Fans of this skirt have been yearning for it’s return! Skirt Sports would love to bring this style back, but with some tweaks to improve upon the original design. Improvements include a redesigned waistband, draw-cord and ultra comfortable grippers on the leg openings. If you would like to learn more about this style and fund it’s return, head here for all the details and to check it out.

Happy High Waist

The Happy High Waist Skirt is a more modest take on the popular, Happy Girl Skirt. The difference is, the Happy High Waist would be a higher-rise version of the skirt. The waistband would be 2-inches wide and sit at your natural waist. This means, say goodbye to those muffin tops! You’ll still get a comfortable compression shortie of 7″ and three pockets for stashing all of your fuels and such. It’s another skirt that you can wear from morning until night with it’s comfort and stylishly flattering design. Check out all the details and fund the product here.

What you need to know about all of the Sewing Room products:
— Funding perks, you get a 10% discount as well as free shipping!
— Funding of all products ends on October 4, 2016.
— No discount codes, coupons, or gift certficates can be used on these products.
— Your credit card will be charged on October 4th if the funding goal is met.
— The products funded are expected to ship on May 1, 2017.

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Be sure you check out all five of the products in the Sewing Room. If you love one (or more), fund it! Then, be sure to share away on social media to help it reach 100% funding! Deadline to reach full funding is October 4, 2016, so sharing the love is so important to get these skirts made!

Note: I am a Skirt Sports Ambassador, so I blog and promote their products via social media. That said, I am a huge fan irregardless of being an Ambassador, and I love spreading the skirt love!



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  1. Such a great idea!! I haven’t heard about having one designed skirt for myself when practicing. I love your funding idea, so meaningful.

  2. it is amazing. I love hight waist skirts and I think It is a nice design. It help me more comfortable when practicing. I really, really want to own a skirt like that.

  3. Great job. The designs look good. I prefer Happy High Waist Skirt design. It looks comfortable for runners to wear when they are practising.

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