Skirt Sports Ambassador

The Girl's Got Sole - Skirt Sports Ambassador

I’m happy to announce that I’m returning as a Skirt Sports Ambassador Captain for the third year in a row! I have loved being a Skirt Sports Ambassador, being a part of such an amazing brand and group of ladies since late 2014.

The foundation of Skirt Sports is it’s about REAL women, in REAL bodies, and with REAL inspiration through their lives and life stories. If you follow me and other Skirt Sports Ambassadors (as well as Skirt Sports supporters), you will frequently see the #REALwomenmove hashtag used. Empowering women by showing them that they can still make health and fitness a priority no matter what obstacles they may have to push through.

The Girl's Got Sole - Skirt Sports Ambassador

The clothing itself is designed to be functional, comfortable and make you look amazing all while doing the things that you do. Whether you are a runner, cyclist, triathlete, gym rat, hiker, or just want to look cute when you are out with your girlfriends, Skirt Sports has so many options for you. Not to mention that it doesn’t matter whether you are an XS or XXL, you should be able to embrace your beauty with Skirt Sports.

I invite you to check out all that Skirt Sports has to offer over at As soon as I get my new discount code to share, I will post it for you all to be able to use. Meanwhile, I can’t recommend more everything that Skirt Sports has to offer. I honestly love all that Skirt has product-wise, as well as all that it stands for and behind for women. Only the best running and sport gear, that’s for sure!

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