Skirt Sports Ambassador 2019

The Girl's Got Sole - Skirt Sports Ambassador

I’m happy to announce that I’m back for my 5th year as a Skirt Sports Ambassador! I’ve been blessed to be a part of this incredible brand and group of women since 2014 and I can’t imagine my life without Skirt Sports in it.

Skirt Sports celebrates real women of all shapres, sizes, ages, ethnic backgrounds and athletic abilities. The brand makes products for real bodies that range from size XS to 3X. The Skirt Sports community accepts everyone throughout their journey for a happy, healthy life.

It’s about more than a brand of amazing clothing, it’s about a awesome community of women support one another in every aspect of their life. No matter whether you are just starting your fitness journey, are returning from a break, or are a seasoned athlete, Skirt Sports supports everyone.

Being a Skirt Sports Ambassador is being a part of a sisterhood that you can always rely on. We boost one another up and my fellow Skirt Sisters have my back when I need a pick me up. Oh, and of course, we help make the important decisions, like which skirt to wear for your Sunday race. 🙂

The Girl's Got Sole - Skirt Sports Ambassador

We are all #womenwhomove! Walkers, runners, triathletes, swimmers, cyclists, surfers, yogis, whatever gets you moving! I love seeing the range of fitness activities that my fellow sisters are a part of. And, just when you think you could never do something, like cross fit, your sisters are there to help fill you with the motivation and confidence you need to step out of your comfort zone.

Head over to and check out some awesome skirts and other stuff you can add to your workout collection. Use my code SSA977Sha to save 15% off your order. Skirt Sports gear is not only cute, but super functional and you’ll love it!

Also, you can join the Women Who Move challenge group on Facebook. There, you can join over women who are committing to a fitness goal this year. It’s a great inspiring community!

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