Show Your Red, White & Blue Spirit

Happy 4th of July! Yes, I know today is the eve of Independence Day, but I like to believe that we can’t celebrate this great country enough. American Pride! Gratitude to all those men and women who have fought for our freedom and continue to serve to protect it to this day. If you have served the USA or currently are active serving, thank you for everything you do for us.

At the 2013 Watermelon 5k on July 4th with some of my running group.

At the 2013 Watermelon 5k on July 4th with some of my running group.

Many of us will go out tomorrow and celebrate our Independence Day with BBQs, watermelon, and various races and events. I’d love to hear all about what your plans are. Specifically, what will you be doing to be active? Show me via a photo in the comments or tweet it to me (@GirlsGotSole) while wearing your BondiBand and you could win a Metallic Stars and Stripes bondiband! This is no longer available to order online (at least not at this time). If you are running or taking part in a local 5k or other race, this is the perfect opportunity to get a photo during your event to share. If you aren’t doing a race, show off your bondiband while at the gym or during whatever workout you are doing.


Because this is a contest, and it is sponsored by BondiBand, here’s the rules, or things you must follow to be eligible to win:
1. “Like” the BondiBand facebook page (if you haven’t already).
2. Post a picture wearing a bondiband during a workout. Have fun with it, be creative! Trust me, it helps your chances to win!
3. Tweet about your 4th of July workout, being sure to tag @bondiband
4. Photos must be submitted to me by midnight Eastern time on Monday, July 7th.

So, share below in the comments about your workout and on twitter and get snapping those photos tomorrow! I look forward to seeing them. Good luck!

Disclaimer: I’m an Ambassador for BondiBand and this contest is sponsored by Bondiband and the final winners will be chosen by the owner from those submitted.


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