Running Toward A Goal

Goals, they make the things that we do seem more important. When we have a goal that we are working toward, every step along the journey toward that ultimate finish line means something. What about when you’re just out there without a goal in your sights? Does that make the work, the journey you are on more difficult?

The new marathon training season began on June 21st with my Galloway group. This time last year, I was diving right into the training for marathon number two, by now into the double digits mileage wise. This time around, my marathon isn’t until February 2015. While I have at least three half marathons before then, thus far, it’s been a pretty slow training cycle for me.

Marathon training keeps me strong. :)

Marathon training keeps me strong. 🙂

Part of me is grateful for the “easier” and lower-end miles that have a part of my weekend runs. Not having to run more than six or eight miles on a hot and humid Saturday morning is pretty nice. Not only do I get done fairly quickly, but I’m also not overly sore and exhausted from half marathon distance or more. Then, you have the other side of me, the marathon girl itching for longer miles. I have to wonder when that kind of insanity hit me. Ah yes, as soon as I crossed the first finish line of my first marathon. 🙂

Before I know it though, I’ll be in those double-digit mile runs (as soon as about 3 weeks from now) and I’ll be remembering those “easier” mile Saturdays. But, I wouldn’t trade marathon training for anything (or almost anything…maybe coffee or chocolate), it’s an experience like no other.

Are you currently training for a big race? Your next (or first) half or full marathon? Do you have to have a goal that you are working toward?


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  1. I frequently remind myself to just enjoy the season I’m in. If it means short, easy runs…embrace it. Because sooner or later I will get back to longer training runs and that will be fun too. I have no goals right now. Just put myself back on the bench for at least a week or two thanks to a groin issue. GAH! But…I had been thinking about a half in the winter.

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