Running to Finish Breast Cancer


Now that I am about to enter my second month of training for the NYC Marathon, I wanted to post about the cause I am running for. Most of you know by now how much the 26.2 with Donna race and cause to finish breast cancer means to me. So, after I was blessed with getting into the 2015 TCS NYC Marathon lottery, I knew exactly who I wanted to run in behalf of. Bit of back story is that I had said that if I was lucky enough to get into the marathon, I would raise money for the DONNA. So, that’s where things are. I would LOVE to raise $1,000 for the cause by race day
Throughout the training season, I hope to get some auction items as well as giveaways to offer for those who would like to make a donation to the 26.2 with Donna. That said, it’s all about finishing breast cancer. Your donations have done and continue to do amazing things both through the Mayo Clinic as well as The Donna Foundation. Mayo cannot fund their research to find a cure without donations from generous supporters like you. The Donna Foundation uses 30% of your donations to assist those living with breast cancer pay bills, rent, doctor’s bills, whatever they need. This allows them to focus on getting better, not on the stress that financial hardship can bring.


I’m bringing back the USA map for this marathon training cycle. I just know that you all can help color each and every state pink before November 1st. It doesn’t matter what the donation amount, EVERY DOLLAR helps. It truly does. It’s been through your donations that Mayo Clinic is closer than ever to a cure. Back in February, it was announced that clinical trials will soon be underway for a particularly aggressive type of breast cancer known as “Triple Negative.” This type of breast cancer strikes 15-20% of patients. Since it’s not fueled by estrogen, it cannot be treated with estrogen blockers like Tamoxifen. Presently, the only treatment is chemotherapy, and despite treatment, it’s likely to return and spread. According to three-time breast cancer survivor, Donna Deegan, for women with triple negative breast cancer, if this works, it could be a game changer.”

Closer to a Cure because of your donations.

Closer to a Cure because of your donations.

Please check out the news coverage about this breakthrough over at First Coast News. It’s a story that is more than worth the 5-10 minutes of your time.

Please, make a tax-deductible donation today and help the 26.2 with Donna finish breast cancer. Help me reach my $1,000 goal by the NYC Marathon. This is a goal that we can make with YOUR help. Thanks!


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