Running Mantras

I’ve been working on my running mantras lately, as I want to have a few for my marathon on the 17th. I already had a couple ideas, but after watching The Biggest Loser on Monday night, I think I found my number one. It’s been a saying I’ve heard before, but it really resonated with me during the show.

1. Feel the fear, then do it anyway.
2. I am strong, I can do this.
3. Believe in yourself, you can do all things through Christ.
4. You CAN do this. (variation of #2)
5. Just out for a training run…
6. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything (inspired by Back to the Future)
7. Relax, power through it.
8. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other.

A few things I already do is visualize the finish. I visualize how it’s going to feel to run toward it and then get my medal put around my neck. That is always a thrilling feeling for me. On long runs, I think about the Starbucks I’m going to have afterwards. How good that cold frappaccino is going to taste…and, after a half, I add in the yummy lunch I’m planning on having that afternoon.

Do you have running mantras you use for long runs and/or races? I would love to hear them. Post a comment!


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