Running Lesson

Today, I decided to run with one pace group faster than mine for my Galloway training. The pace group consists of runners with a magic mile of 10:00 to 11:30. My magic mile was 11:30, so I thought I’d give them a go (my current group’s MM’s are from 11:30-12:30). They were also running 2/1 intervals where as I’m used to 1/1 intervals. Surely, it was an interesting experience in the making.

As I sit at my computer typing this, my back is sore. It began to complain to me as I was out trying to do a couple of errands (library, buy a toaster, and such). In a nutshell, I pushed myself too hard today. And now, my back is making sure the message gets across loud and clear.

When I first set out with the group, the pacing was supposed to be around a 15min/mile as per Galloway guidelines, you always run slower during training. Our first mile was done in 12:42 and my brain was telling me this was too fast and too hard for me. Nonetheless, I kept going and just informed the group leaders of our pacing and that maybe we should slow down. From there, we averaged in the 13s per mile through our fifth mile. I was huffing and puffing a bit by the end, but I just wasn’t willing to admit that this was too much for me. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t horribly exhausted or anything, but my brain was telling me that it was more than I should have done.

After the run, I was still fooling myself thinking “hey, no problem, I can handle this group.” But, that’s all it was, fooling myself. There’s nothing wrong with pushing yourself, but sometimes too much too soon isn’t good. And since my ultimate goal with this training is to run my first marathon in February, I need to keep that goal in my sights. I was so intent on wanting to be faster that I temporarily lost sight of it. Thankfully, I have a more experience running friend, Kitzzy as well as an awesome group director who helped me realize that I need to remember not only my marathon goal, but that faster isn’t always better.

So today, was a learning experience for me. I think I needed that though despite that my back hates me right now. Just because you are capable of doing more doesn’t mean you should be doing more. I will get faster, but Saturday long runs aren’t the time or place for that to happen. I’ve got Tuesdays and Thursdays to work on that with speed work and the track.

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