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On Sunday, March 22nd, runners from all over the country and world laced up their running shoes and ran for a fellow runner. Leah Caille was a marathoner whom we all got to know and love through the documentary, Spirit of the Marathon. Watching Leah and the others training for the 2005 Chicago Marathon inspired so many runners to either run a marathon or to get out and run for the first time.


Sadly, Leah left this world earlier this year, leaving behind a teenage daughter whom we got to see in the Spirit of the Marathon when she was just seven years old. Her family asked that runners remember Leah for the inspiration that we all got to know in the documentary during her marathon training. This is just what we all did on Sunday. It’s all about the love for a fellow runner. We are all a great big family, and when we lose a member of that family, it affects us all.

The run was an actual event held through Fleet Feet in Chicago as well as virtually throughout the day. For me, I was very much inspired by Leah through the running documentary. I watch Spirit of the Marathon before every big race. Being able to honor her by dedicating some miles to her was the least I could do.

There were four of us from my Orlando Galloway group that gathered on Sunday evening to hit the road. We remembered Leah and talked about the Spirit of the Marathon throughout our 5 1/2 mile run. It is definitely a documentary every runner NEEDS to see. It doesn’t matter if you are a marathoner, aspiring marathoner, or just love 10ks, it’s an inspirational film that must be seen.

Runners were encouraged to wear purple on their runs for Leah.

Runners were encouraged to wear purple on their runs for Leah.

The run also included a memorial fund for Leah that goes to her young daughter, Addie. This fund is going to help Addie’s tuition for medical school while still honoring her mother, Leah. This memorial fund is still taking donations. If you would like to make a donation of any amount in honor of Leah Caille for her daughter, Addie’s college fund, please go here.

Did Spirit of the Marathon inspire you to run your first half or full marathon (or other distance)?


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  1. I don’t know what happened. I prefer to leave the family be, we just need to know that a young, motivational woman passed away too soon.

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