Runner’s World Summer Running Streak

Runner’s World has started a running streak for the summer that starts today, Memorial Day (Monday, May 28th) and ends on the Fourth of July (Wednesday, July 4th). The goal is to run at least one mile each day. It’s a total of 38 days of running.

I am going to try to complete this challenge with one change. I may be walking on day when I normally don’t run. I’d love to increase my weekly mileage between cycling and walking, so this is a good way to do it. This would mean that I’ll be running at least three times a week and then walking the other four days if I don’t run.

What about you? Are you participating in this challenge?


Runner’s World Summer Running Streak — 2 Comments

  1. I am in! However, I might have a walking day or an elliptical day once a week or so. And many of my runs will be more than a mile because I have a race in September to prepare for. Good luck to you! 🙂

  2. I think the point of it is to get moving, so walking or elliptical counts in my book! I’ll be running more than 7 miles a week anyway on my usual running days.

    Good luck in your training, Sabrina! What race are you doing?

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