Runner Must-Haves

With my marathon training program just beginning, I thought this would be a good time to post my runner must-have list. Some runners may not need some of them, but I find all of these things valuable, maybe not every run, but most of my runs.

1. Running shoes. You need to make sure you go to a specialty running store and get fitted and have your gait analyzed. This ensures you get the right type of shoe for you.

2. Wicking clothes. Tech shirts, shorts, breathable stuff. Cotton is not the runner’s friend, especially when you are running in the humid heat of the summer.

3. Garmin watch. Now, you don’t NEED this to run, but since I got mine, I have found it to be very valuable. I can see my current pace, how long I’ve run, and once I’ve uploaded my data to Garmin, I can see so much more. It’s a great tool if you are interested in your stats and numbers.

4. Gymboss. If you are a Galloway runner, this is important. I wear it on every run (unless I’m running with my group and the leader has a timer), and it makes intervals so easy. Now, you don’t have to have a Gymboss, but a watch that you can set for intervals is important for Galloway training.

5. Waterbottle or belt. Very important, as you must have water or some kind of hydration with you on your runs. I carry a handheld on short runs all the time now. I haven’t carried my Fuelbelt since last year, but I’m sure it will get some good use this summer.

6. Gu/energy shots. Energy gels aren’t needed for short runs, but I carry something with me to every race, even a 10k. For long runs that are just 6 miles, I’ll usually take a Clif Block or something about the halfway point. Everyone is different on which energy gels/chews they prefer, so you just have to find your favorites or the ones your stomach can tolerate if you are more sensitive.

7. Biofreeze/Sore no more. I love my Sore No More gel. I use it practically everyday. I have just gotten into Biofreeze and it’s next on my go-to list. This stuff helps sooth sore muscles, and I mostly use it on my back, sometimes on my legs.

8. Body Glide. No chafing! Chafing just sucks, so Body Glide is definitely worth having in your running bag. You can put it pretty much anywhere. I use it on my feet a lot.

9. Hat or headband. I tend to choose on the day of the run, or the day before if it’s a race which one I use. My favorite these days are Bondibands. I hope to try out some other headbands in the coming months.

10. Foam roller. I’ll admit, I haven’t been using mine as much as I used to as of late, but I plan on using it regularly again now that training has begun. A good foam roller helps roll out sore muscles and tight areas.

What are your running must-haves? Are yours different than mine? Post a comment and let’s discuss!


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