Reverb 10 – December 13th

December 13. Action.
When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step? (Author: Scott Belsky)

My next step is to push myself harder in getting myself back to Asheville. While I’ve been looking for work in that area, I know that I could be trying a lot harder. To achieve my goal of moving back to my favorite mountain town, I need to do everything that I can do make that goal a reality.

If I do everything that I can possibly do to make my dream happen, it’s in God’s hands from that point on. He can and will make things happen for me, but I need to do my part. It does no good to just sit back and ask Him to give you what you want when you are not willing to work hard yourself. I know that with my hard work and His guidance, I my aspiration will become a reality very soon.

As far as other aspirations, I am also going to stop procrastinating and start doing. My stories cannot write themselves. It’s up to me, and me alone to create my life.

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