Restarting my weight loss journey

The Girl's Got Sole - Restarting my weight loss journey

It’s time. Time to stop letting my autoimmune diseases dictate my life, and for my mental strength to power through the challenges to strengthen back up. It’s time for me to stop making excuses, health-wise or not, and get back on track. This time, it’s for real. This is a true restarting of my weight loss journey.

Today, I got back on the weight loss train. As of today, I have 9lbs to lose to hit my goal weight. This is the weight that I felt happiest and healthiest at. I weighed in at 125lbs back in 2015 when I trained for my dream race, the 2015 TCS NYC Marathon, and so that’s my goal weight.

It’s the nutrition, food-intake that’s generally my weak spot. So, it’s vital that I log EVERY.SINGLE.THING. in MyFitnessPal all the time. I learned from my initial weight loss, when I lost over 75lbs in 2009 that a food diary is vital for me. It keeps me in check and it’s all about calories-in, calories out!

The Girl's Got Sole - Restarting weight loss journey

Workout-wise, I want to continue my regular regime, but I’d like to add in some strength training again, and hopefully, some workout DVDs again. I’ve got a nice collection of Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, and The Biggest Loser workout DVDs, so need to put them back into the mix.

I appreciate any support you can give me along the way! The first few weeks are always the hardest. So, if you are willing to cheer me on virtually so to speak, through encouragement and prayers, that would be awesome! I will continue to post all of my workouts on my Instagram account, so if you follow me, please comment if you have a moment. I’m also going to start doing some videos, maybe Facebook Live or on Instagram. Need to learn to embrace myself again, and I know being on video is not my most comfortable format. But, I can work on that. Thanks for any support! 🙂

The Girl's Got Sole - Restarting weight loss journey


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  1. Best of luck! I just recently started reading your blog and following you on social media but I’m sure you can do it. I’ll be cheering you on!

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